Aktion: Online-Petition an US-Präsident Obama

Handicap International USA hat eine Online-Petition aufgesetzt, die die USA auffordert, dem Verbot über Antipersonenminen umgehend beizutreten. (in Englisch)


Obama: No More Delays. Join the Mine Ban Treaty Now!

Target: President Obama
Sponsored by: Handicap International US
Landmines cannot distinguish between a soldier and an innocent civilian. They do not know the difference between an adult and a child. Over ninety percent of victims are civilians. With landmines impacting communities in more than 80 countries and territories, the danger is very real.

U.S. citizens, landmine survivors and campaigners from every corner of the globe have been calling on the U.S. to join the Mine Ban Treaty for 20 years. In 2009, President Obama launched a review of U.S. landmine policy to determine whether the U.S. will join the treaty. To date, no decision has been announced.

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