Antivehicle mines planted in Namibia


The Regional Police Commander in the Caprivi, Chief Inspector Hieronymus Goraseb, said a group of between 32 and 35 heavily-armed Unita bandits unleashed mortars, hand grenades and automatic fire on a Special Field Force camp known as the Angolan Track Camp killing an SFF constable."  weiterlesen >>>

Two Lebanese killed, two others wounded in land mine explosion


Two Lebanese men were killed and two others were wounded Sunday when a land mine left behind by Israeli occupation forces exploded in southern Lebanon, security officials said.  weiterlesen >>>

Three Chechen youths blown to pieces by a land mine


Three youths from a Chechen town of Urus-Martan, aged 15, 19 and 27, were killed today outside the town by an unknown explosive device, ITAR-TASS was told at the republic's prosecutor-general's office.  weiterlesen >>>

Colombia Still Using Mines


Colombia is the only Latin American country where landmines are still in use, the Montreal Gazette reports.  weiterlesen >>>

Landmine kills three in Pakistan


Three members of a family were killed when a vehicle in which they were travelling was blown up by a landmine in Pakistan's south-western Baluchistan province, an official report said Wednesday.  weiterlesen >>>

Angola: Forty people killed in land mine accidents in Uige


Forty people were killed and another 201 injured during the first six months of this year in Uige Province as a result of land mine and explosive devices accidents. weiterlesen >>>

Keiner sollte der Gerechtigkeit entkommen


Heinz Kotte und Rüdiger Siebert über das geplante Tribunal gegen die einstigen Anführer der Roten Khmer und das Minenproblem in Kambodscha  weiterlesen >>>



Innovative Australian ballistics company Metal Storm Ltd (ASX:MST) has won a a $A660,000 ($US346,830.0) funding grant, boosting its links with the United States' leading military technology incubator.  weiterlesen >>>