Israel has left behind about 130,000 anti-person and anti-tank mines in south Lebanon


The mine-cleaning unit of United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon complained that the mine maps Israel provided are inaccurate. So far, the unit has cleaned about 500 mines during its two-month operation. weiterlesen >>>

Landmine kills Ethiopian politician


An opposition politician and two supporters have been killed in a landmine explosion in south-eastern Ethiopia. Several other people were wounded in the incident. weiterlesen >>>

Humanitarian relief organisations call for a ban of anti-vehicle mines


Berlin (Reuters) - The German Initiative to Ban Landmines urged the German Government to ban anti-vehicle mines. The German government should firstly impose an export moratorium on anti-vehicle mines and should remove this mines from the stockpiles of the German Armed Forces, demanded Thomas Gebauer on Wednesday in Berlin on behalf of the German Initiative to Ban Landmines - an alliance of 17 humanitarian relief organisations.  weiterlesen >>>

Internationale Kritik an Antifahrzeugminen wächst - PRESSEERKLÄRUNG des Deutschen lnitiativkreises für das Verbot von Landminen


(Berlin, 30.08.2000) Deutsche Hilfsorganisationen und internationale Organisationen wie das Internationale Komitee vom Roten Kreuz (IKRK) betrachten mit wachsender Besorgnis die Verwendung von Antifahrzeugminen. weiterlesen >>>

Land mine explosion kills one person in Grozny


GROZNY, August 28 (Itar-Tass) - Two explosions rocked through the Chechen capital on Monday.  weiterlesen >>>

Landmine wounds a Lebanese civilian


Beirut (dpa) - A Lebanese civilian was severly wounded Monday when a landmine exploded under a truck he was driving in the former occupied border zone in southern Lebanon, Lebanese police said.  weiterlesen >>>

Antifahrzeugmine fordert 48 Opfer in Namibia


Im Nordosten von Namibia fielen 48 Farmarbeiter einer wahrscheinlich von der UNITA gelegten Antifahrzeugmine zum Opfer.

Lebanon And Namibia Face Civilian Casualties


130,000 Israeli mines have to be cleared weiterlesen >>>