Ethiopia Begins Landmine Sweeping in Central Border Region


Some 43,000 anti-personnel and anti-tank landmines were planted weiterlesen >>>

Regierung: Internationale Programme gegen Minen besser koordinieren


Berlin (dpa) - Die Bundesregierung will weltweit die Programme gegen die Antipersonen-Minen besser koordinieren. Foto: Minister Volmer & Räumpanzer Keiler weiterlesen >>>

Peacekeepers Seize Kosovo Weapons Cache


Among the arms found were tripod-mounted heavy machine guns, hundreds of rifles, mortars, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, antitank and antipersonnel mines, flak jackets, ammunition and communications equipment. weiterlesen >>>

UPDF Pours Troops In Kisangani


Kampala (The Monitor - Kampala, June 19, 2000) - European Union ambassadors in Kinshasa have accused Uganda of reinforcing its troops in Kisangani, despite a new accord to demilitarize the town. The envoys who visited Kisangani, Saturday, said they saw Ugandan tanks and anti-tank mines laid by the Ugandan army "which were not there yesterday," Portuguese ambassador Francesco Machado told journalists in Kinshasa.  weiterlesen >>>

Demining underway in northern Ethiopia


Fluttering red ribbons warned of the deadly danger lurking beneath the soil of what was once a no-man's land just south of the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea.  weiterlesen >>>

Eritrean occupation forces had buried about 7,000 antipersonnel and anti-truck landmines


ADDIS ABABA, June 6 (AFP) - Ethiopia accused Eritrea Tuesday of having laid 7,000 mines in the former border town of Zala Anbesa before losing control of the area to Ethiopian forces last month.  weiterlesen >>>

Seven reportedly killed in Cambodian anti vehicle mine blast


PHNOM PENH, Cambodia Seven people were killed in Cambodia when their tractor ran over a land mine, a Cambodian newspaper reported Tuesday. weiterlesen >>>

US-Proposals on Mines


The Clinton administration presented proposals at a meeting in Geneva to strengthen land mine restrictions in a 1980 global weapons pact that has been ratified by some of the biggest users of the devices, including India, China, Pakistan and the United States, which have not, however, signed the 1997 Ottawa anti-mine accord.  weiterlesen >>>