Anti-Fahrzeugmine tötet Bosnier


Anti-Fahrzeugmine tötet 3 und verletzt 5 bosnische Zivilisten weiterlesen >>>

Why Anti-Vehicle Mines should also be Banned - +++ New Discussion Paper+++


As is generally known, the Ottawa Convention tries to impose a total ban on anti-personnel (AP) mines, yet at the same time denies that anti-tank/anti-vehicle (AT/AV) mines and anti-handling devices are, or were, ever part of the problem. Not only do AT/AV-mines cause severe civilian suffering, due to their sensitive fuzes and anti-handling devices (AHD), they often function just like AP mines. Furthermore, the data presented increases the perception, that a lot of existing AT/AV mine types are suspected to violate the CCW- and Ottawa-Treaty. This discussion paper indicates that international law must address these misfittings in order to overcome the worldwide landmine problem.  weiterlesen >>>

ACBL for hault to landmines' entry into Afghanistan


PESHAWAR - Afghanistan called on the mine manufacturing nations not to create any more problems by sending new mines which hampered the development and restoration of the country, quoted the Afghan Campaign to Ban Landmines (ACBL) newsletter published last month.  weiterlesen >>>

Egypt landmines kill 13, wound 23 in 1999


CAIRO, Jan 20 (Reuters) - Landmines laid by foreign armies in Egypt killed four people and wounded 12 in the second half of 1999, a pressure group said on Thursday. weiterlesen >>>

Three Killed, Five Injured In Bosnia Anti-Tank Mine Blast


Three Bosnians were killed and five injured when an anti-tank mine exploded in Sarajevo weiterlesen >>>

Humanitarian relief organisations in favour of a German export-stop of mines


German Initiative demand a comprehensive prohibition / DM 60 Mio. flows into the development of weapons weiterlesen >>>

"Berlin dodges the Prohibition of Mines"


Humanitarian relief organisations doubt the faithfulness of the German Federal Armed Forces to the Ottawa Convention weiterlesen >>>

US-Streitkräfte lagern immer noch mindestens 250.000 Anti-Personenminen in europäischen Ottawa-Vertragsstaaten


Nach neuesten Angaben der US-amerikanischen NRO Human Rights Watch lagern US-Streitkräfte in Europa immer noch große Mengen an Anti-Personenminen (AP-Minen). Der Deutsche Initiativkreis für das Verbot von Landminen sieht hierin eine eindeutige Verletzung des Ottawa-Vertrages. weiterlesen >>>