Aktionstag gegen explosive Investitionen


Am Donnerstag, 27.11 ist der globale Aktionstag gegen Investitionen in Hersteller von Streubomben. Im Rahmen der Veröffentlichung eines Berichts von PAX über explosive Investitionen wird es wieder einen weltweiten Aufschrei geben - online und auf der Straße. weiterlesen >>>

Video: Das Erbe des Krieges


Sechs Fotografen von Getty Images haben Überlebende von Unfällen mit explosiven Kriegsresten getroffen. Mit beeindruckenden Bildern erzählen Sie von ihren Begegnungen. Prädikat: Sehr sehenswert. weiterlesen >>>

Weltkindertag: Landminen und Kinder


Am heutigen 20. November, dem Internationalen Kindertag, wurde vom Landminen und Streubomben Monitor ein Faktenblatt zum Thema „Landminen und Kinder“ veröffentlicht. So vielen 2013 1112 Kinder explosiven Kriegsresten zum Opfer. weiterlesen >>>

Wann ist ein Land eigentlich frei von Landminen?


Wie kann irgendein Land der Erde eigentlich von sich behaupten, es sei frei von Landminen? Kann es das überhaupt? Und muss es das überhaupt? Eine kleine Analyse von Michael P. Moore von weiterlesen >>>

Video: Entminung in Mosambik


1993 endete der Bürgerkrieg in Mosambik. Doch eine tödliche Gefahr blieb: Die Landminen. Sie zu entschärfen, ist eine mühsame und gefährliche Handarbeit. Bis zum Jahresende will das Land minenfrei werden - und damit endgültig den Krieg hinter sich lassen. (

Drei Kumpel bei Minenexplosion in Kolumbien verletzt


Die drei Arbeiter waren gerade auf dem Weg nach Hause, als sich der Vorfall im Department Antioquia ereignete. In dem Department ereigneten sich die meisten Unfälle mit Landminen seit 1990. (in englisch) weiterlesen >>>

Mosambik: Provinz Inhambe von Minen befreit


Mosambik hat das ambitionierte Ziel, noch in diesem Jahr minenfrei zu werden. Nun ist ein weiterer wichtiger Meilenstein erreicht. weiterlesen >>>

Storify zum Einsatz von Streubomben in der Ukraine


Im Storify werden sämtliche relevanten Reaktionen auf den Einsatz von Streubomben in der Ukraine zusammengefasst. Darunter die Statements der Kampagnen, der New York Times, der Ukraine und viele mehr (in Englisch) weiterlesen >>>

6 suspected NPAs, one soldier killed in Luzon (PHILIPPINES)


LUCENA CITY : Six suspected communist insurgents and one Army soldier were killed over the past three days in a series of encounters in the Southern Tagalog and Bicol regions that also uncovered caches of explosives and extortion letters intended to be used against politicians seeking to campaign in the congressional and local elections in May, military spokespersons reported yesterday.  weiterlesen >>>

Philippine troops capture huge rebel bomb depot (PHILIPPINES)


MANILA - Philippine troops have captured a cave used by communist insurgents as huge a bomb making depot after a brief firefight, the military said Thursday.  weiterlesen >>>

Vinces, where unexploded ordnance still limits the physical safety, livelihoods and food security for the local people (LAOS)


The Japanese Government has recently granted Laos 875,239 USD to help facilitate the operations of its National Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Programme.  weiterlesen >>>

Combined operation nets insurgents, weapons in Baghdad (IRAK)


The U.S. Department of Defense's American Forces Information Service issued the following press release: Several insurgents were captured and a weapons cache was found during a combined security operation that was kicked off today in the Haifa Street area of Baghdad, officials said.  weiterlesen >>>

Violence-hit Chhattisgarh on high alert for R-Day (INDIA)


Thousands of police and paramilitary personnel are on high alert in Chhattisgarh where Maoist guerrillas called for a strike on India's Republic Day Friday.  weiterlesen >>>

Case against rampaging CRPF jawans (INDIA)


The Jammu and Kashmir police have registered a case against some unidentified personnel of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) for allegedly torching and assaulting Panzgam villagers near Awantipora in Pulwama district on Tuesday.  weiterlesen >>>

Belgium donates EUR 150,000 for demining (CROATIA)


Belgian Ambassador to Croatia Marie-Johane Roccas on Tuesday presented the head of the Croatian Mine Action Centre Oto Jungwirth with a donation of 150,000 euros for the removal of land mines from an area of 110,000 square metres in Vukovar County designed to be a business zone.  weiterlesen >>>

Colombian police seize 45 anti-personnel landmines (COLOMBIA)


Police in Colombia's Antioquia department seized 45 anti-personnel landmines, apparently made by members of the rebel National Liberation Army, local media reported on Wednesday.  weiterlesen >>>

Offensive rips Myanmar ethnic community apart (BURMA)


Even while fighting raged all around them, Pi Lu never thought she would have to uproot her eight children and flee their small village in eastern Myanmar.  weiterlesen >>>

Police arrest man carrying landmines (AFGHANISTAN)


The press office of the Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan in Kabul told Afghan Islamic Press today, 24 January 2007, that police had arrested a person in Sayad District of Kapisa Province carrying a gun, two landmines and some bullets yesterday, 23 January 2007.  weiterlesen >>>

Scientists at University of Mississippi release new data on life sciences (UNITED STATES)


Scientists discuss in "Studying the mechanical behavior of a plastic, shock-resisting, antitank landmine" new findings in life sciences. weiterlesen >>>

Swiss president talks war, terrorism at business-dominated summi (SWITZERLAND)


DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) - Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey asked delegates at the World Economic Forum to find practical solutions to problems posed by new types of armed conflict, terrorism and "mass starvation" -- striking an unusual tone for this year's business-dominated summit.  weiterlesen >>>

South Ossetia says Georgia behind antitank mine blast (RUSSIA)


Tskhinvali, 26 January : Officers of the Russian battalion [of the Joint Peacekeeping Force] were seriously wounded on 15 January 2007, not far from the Pauk observation post. The Georgian side has denied any involvement in the incident. Commenting on the current situation the first deputy prime minister of the republic of South Ossetia, Boris Chochiyev has said:  weiterlesen >>>

Russia needs landmines for border protection - engineering troops chief (RUSSIA)


The chief of Russia's engineering troops, Col-Gen Nikolay Serdtsev, has said that Russia "cannot afford" to do away with antipersonnel mines, which it relies upon to help protect the state border.  weiterlesen >>>

'Vengeful rebel leads troops to 'land mine factory' (PHILIPPINES)


A New People's Army (NPA) member, angered by an attack on his home by his own comrades, led soldiers to what the military has described as the rebels' largest land mine factory, an Army commander said.  weiterlesen >>>

Palestinian violence spreads as death toll hits 25 (PALESTINE)


Fighting between rival Palestinian forces erupted again Sunday after 25 people were killed in Gaza in the fiercest bout of internecine bloodletting since Hamas won elections a year ago.  weiterlesen >>>

Slovenia earmarks 100,000 euros for Lebanon reconstruction (LEBANON)


Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel said at Thursday's [25 January] conference on Lebanon reconstruction in Paris that Slovenia would contribute around 100,000 euros for the rebuilding of the country.  weiterlesen >>>

U.S. assistance to Lebanon (LEBANON)


The U.S. Agency for International Development issued the following fact sheet:  weiterlesen >>>

Israel's cluster bombing may have broken U.S. pact (ISRAEL)


The Bush administration will inform Congress as soon as this week that Israel may have violated agreements with the United States when it fired U.S.-supplied cluster munitions into southern Lebanon during its fight with Hezbollah last summer, administration officials say.  weiterlesen >>>

Tordinci gets donation of USD 140,000 for removal of mines (CROATIA)


Nearly 140,000 dollars have been donated by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Croatia for the demining of the eastern Croatian village of Tordinci.  weiterlesen >>>

Country Completes Destruction of Stockpiled Landmines (ANGOLA)


Angola moved a step forward in its programme to rid the country of landmines when it successfully beat a 1 January 2007 deadline to destroy known stockpiles of mines.  weiterlesen >>>

Landmine injures two in eastern Afghan province (AFGHANISTAN)


Khost City, 29 January : Two civilians were wounded when their vehicle hit a roadside landmine in Yaqubi District of the southeastern Khost Province.  weiterlesen >>>

India celebrates 58th Republic Day amidst tight security


* Landmine blast kills one security force personnel in Orissa weiterlesen >>>

Panzerfaust im Schrottcontainer entsorgt


Eine Frau aus Templin hat Teile einer Panzerfaust in einem gewöhnlichen Schrottcontainer entsorgt. Wie eine Polizeisprecherin am Donnerstag sagte, soll die Waffe von einem ehemaligen Schießplatz stammen. Die 23-Jährige soll die Teile sowie diverse Munition von einem 21 Jahren alten Bekannten geschenkt bekommen haben. weiterlesen >>>

Explosionsgefahr lauert im Waldboden Ausstellung in Bautzen klärt über Fundmunition auf


Paul spielt gern mit seinen Freunden im Wald Verstecken. "Einmal rief uns ein anderer Junge, um uns etwas zu zeigen", erzählt der Zehnjährige aus Bautzen. Auf dem Waldboden lag, von Zweigen und Blättern halb verdeckt, ein verrosteter Metallgegenstand.  weiterlesen >>>

US investigations into Israeli cluster munition use


Peres: Cluster bombs a mistake. Shimon Peres, Israel's deputy prime minister, has told Al Jazeera that his country's use of cluster bombs in Lebanon during last year's war with Hezbollah was a "mistake". weiterlesen >>>

Regierung zum nationalen Verbot von Streubomben aufgefordert


sterreich-Sektion der Cluster Munition Coalition verweist auf Lagerbestände des Bundesheeres weiterlesen >>>

Auf dem Weg zum Minendetektor. Materialprüfer testen Metalldetektoren zur Minenräumung


Technik. - Weltweit liegen über 100 Millionen Landminen in ehemaligen Krisengebieten vergraben. Zur Räumung der explosiven Altlast werden heute überwiegend Metalldetektoren eingesetzt. Experten von der Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung und -forschung haben unterschiedliche Modelle in Kroatien getestet. Die Ergebnisse der Untersuchung stellten die Forscher jetzt auf einer Konferenz in Berlin vor.  weiterlesen >>>

Cluster munitions report reinforces need for ban


Commenting on the US State Department report saying that Israel may have violated the terms of its arms deals with the US by using cluster munitions in Lebanon. weiterlesen >>>

Cluster-Bomb Report Weighs on Israel


JERUSALEM (AP) - Washington's conclusion that Israel likely misused U.S.-made cluster munitions by firing them at civilian areas in Lebanon has brought new pressure on Israel to review its wartime practices. weiterlesen >>>

Israel hat gegen Streubomben-Konvention verstossen. US-Bericht über Einsatz in Wohngebieten


Israel hat im Libanon-Krieg nach Angaben der amerikanischen Regierung vermutlich gegen Regelungen für den Einsatz von Streubomben verstossen. Der Kongress muss jetzt über weitere Ermittlungen entscheiden.  weiterlesen >>>

US-Bericht über Einsatz von Streubomben durch Israel


Washington. AP/baz. Das US-Aussenministerium hat einen Bericht über den Einsatz von amerikanischen Streubomben durch Israel abgeschlossen. Die Ergebnisse würden am Montag dem Kongress vorgelegt, teilte Ministeriumssprecher Kurtis Cooper am Samstag in Washington mit.  weiterlesen >>>

Bericht: Israel setzte im Libanon-Krieg Streubomben ein


Israel hat während des Libanon-Kriegs im vergangenen Jahr widerrechtlich Streubomben eingesetzt.  weiterlesen >>>

Verstoß gegen US-Bedingung


Streubomben-Einsatz im Libanon weiterlesen >>>

USA kritisieren Streubomben-Einsatz Israels im Libanon


Außenministerium sieht Waffen-Abkommen verletzt  weiterlesen >>>

Israel nahm Libanon mit Streubomben unter Beschuss


Washington - Israel hat mit dem Einsatz von Streubomben im Libanon-Krieg laut einem vorläufigen US-Regierungsbericht gegen Waffenexportabkommen mit Washington verstoßen. weiterlesen >>>

United States: Cut Off Cluster Munition Sales to Israel


Compel Israel to Provide Strike Data. (Washington, DC, January 29, 2007) ' Preliminary US government findings that Israel violated agreements with the United States by its use of cluster munitions in Lebanon last summer should lead to an immediate cutoff of all US cluster munitions sales to Israel, Human Rights Watch said today.  weiterlesen >>>

USA werfen Israel Einsatz von Streubomben vor


Washington (RPO). Die US-Regierung verdächtigt Israel, im Libanon-Krieg rechtswidrig Streubomben gegen zivile Ziele eingesetzt zu haben. Eine vorläufige Untersuchung des Außenministeriums in Washington sei zu dem Schluss gekommen, dass Israel mit der Nutzung solcher Waffen aus US-Produktion "wahrscheinlich" geltende Exportrichtlinien der USA verletzt habe, sagte Ministeriumssprecher Sean McCormack am Montag.  weiterlesen >>>

U.S. says Israel may have violated cluster bomb use


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States said on Monday Israel may have violated an agreement with Washington in its use of U.S.-made cluster bombs during last July's war with Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon. weiterlesen >>>

Darfur-Kommission nach zweimonatigem Tauziehen ernannt


Friedensnobelpreisträgerin Jody Williams leitet sechsköpfige Ermittlungsdelegation weiterlesen >>>

Plassnik: "Austria calls for international treaty on cluster munitions"


Full support for international conference in Oslo. Vienna, 26 January 2007 - "Austria calls for a binding international treaty to effectively counter the disastrous effects of cluster munitions on people to be elaborated as soon as possible" said Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik in connection with the international conference on cluster munitions to be held in Oslo on 22 and 23 February. weiterlesen >>>

Clear Path International Supports Congressional Bill Limiting the Use and Export of Cluster Bombs


Clear Path International has announced it supports a bill to be introduced by Senators Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) and Diane Feinstein (D-California) that would restrict the use of cluster bombs by the United States and its allies. weiterlesen >>>

Plassnik will internationales Verbot von Streumunition


sterreich tritt dafür ein, möglichst rasch einen völkerrechtlich verbindlichen Vertrag zu erarbeiten, der die katastrophalen Auswirkungen von Streumunition auf Menschen wirksam bekämpft", sagte Außenministerin Ursula Plassnik (ÖVP) heute zur internationalen Konferenz zum Thema Streumunition, die am 22. und 23. Februar in Oslo tagen wird.  weiterlesen >>>

Bombing, gunbattle raise Afghan toll- Attacker strikes near US base


Afghans neared the site of a suicide attack, outside a US military base in eastern Khost Province yesterday. weiterlesen >>>

Beirut Recovering After Violent Protests


BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) - Lebanon remained tense Wednesday, a day after Hezbollah-led protesters who want to topple the U.S.-backed prime minister clashed with government supporters across the country. weiterlesen >>>

5 Americans killed after helicopter crashes in central Baghdad


Photograph released by Ansar al-Sunnah Army, an Iraqi insurgent group, shows ID badges and a driver's licence of Arthur Laguna, a 52-year-old pilot for Blackwater, a U.S. security company. Laguna's helicopter crashed as it flew over a dangerous Sunni neighborhood in the central Baghdad. weiterlesen >>>

Ministers of International Development and Defence visit Lebanon on 23 and 24 January


Minister of International Development Erik Solheim and Minister of Defence Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen will visit Lebanon this week to take a closer look at Norway's military and civilian assistance to the country. weiterlesen >>>

Italians teaching Lebanese kids how to avoid bombs, but…


Using role play, songs and cartoons, Italian peacekeepers are teaching Lebanese children to recognise and avoid the one million or so unexploded bombs in the streets and fields of Lebanon. But Italy is also one of Lebanon's, and Syria's, major arms suppliers. weiterlesen >>>

Army raid on rebel camp yields hardware


BUTUAN CITY: The Philippine Army's 4th Infantry Division scored big against the New People's Army (NPA) in its area of operations when it raided a rebel outpost in Tagbina, Surigao del Sur, last week.  weiterlesen >>>

More Equipment to Clear Landmines, Unexploded Ordnance in Vietnam (VIETNAM)


The U.S. Department of State issued the following press release:  weiterlesen >>>

Landmines and disability: a challenge faced together (UGANDA)


Landmines are among the most dangerous weapons in armed conflict - easy and cheap to plant, but extremely difficult and costly to remove. weiterlesen >>>

Human rights deteriorating in South Asia (SRI LANKA)


Wartorn Sri Lanka and politically unstable Bangladesh suffered worsening human rights violations in 2006 while other parts of the subcontinent saw scant progress, Human Rights Watch said Thursday.  weiterlesen >>>

Pakistan agrees to reconsider mining Afghan border (PAKISTAN)


Pakistan's foreign minister said Tuesday the country would look at other options before going ahead with a plan to mine its border with Afghanistan, after talks with his Canadian counterpart. weiterlesen >>>

De-mining official expects South to be clear of cluster bombs by year's end (LEBANON)


The last Israeli cluster bombs will be cleared from the South by the end of 2007, Dahlia Farran, the media officer for the Center for the Coordination of De-mining Works in Southern Lebanon (CCDSL), said Wednesday.  weiterlesen >>>

Ethiopian rebel group claim killing 120 government soldiers in east (ETHIOPIA)


The [rebel] Ogaden National Liberation Front in an attack it launched last week against weyane [Ethiopian] soldiers stationed near Degeh Bur [eastern Ethiopia] killed over 200 soldiers and wounded several others.  weiterlesen >>>

CIDA: Canada's New Government Invests in Afghanistan's Minefield Clearance and Community-Led Development (CANADA)


The Honourable Josee Verner, Minister of International Cooperation and Minister for La Francophonie and Official Languages, today announced that Canada will provide $8.8 million dollars for demining activities in Kandahar Province and across Aghanistan as well as $1.9 million dollars to promote community-led development in Kandahar Province. The Minister made the announcement during a visit to CFB Valcartier. weiterlesen >>>

Zambia: Angolan refugees return from Copperbelt Province (ANGOLA)


An Angolan Airlines aircraft left Zambia's Copperbelt provincial capital of Ndola early this morning with 116 Angolan refugees. The plane was bound for Luena in Angola's eastern central province of Moxico. Two more flights are scheduled to leave later today.  weiterlesen >>>

Peshawar-based lawyers warn to move SC against fencing (AFGHANISTAN)


The lawyer community in this provincial metropolis of Pakistan's NWFP condemned the mining of the Pak - Afghanistan border and described the decision as unconstitutional, inhuman and against international treaties.  weiterlesen >>>

Canadian soldier injured by landmine in Afghanistan (AFGHANISTAN)


A Canadian soldier stepped on a landmine during a routine patrol in southern Afghanistan early Thursday and suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. weiterlesen >>>

Landmines still claim lives in Afghanistan (AFGHANISTAN)


[Presenter] Landmines claim the lives of 60 people, mainly children, every month in Afghanistan.  weiterlesen >>>

Bukenya to Grace Local Govts' Meet (UGANDA)


Vice President Gilbert Bukenya and Defence Minister Crispus Kiyonga are expected to grace the annual general meeting of the Uganda Local Governments' Association in Gulu on January 19.  weiterlesen >>>

Torture chambers used by Tamil Tigers found in eastern Sri Lanka, defense ministry says (SRI LANKA)


Torture chambers allegedly used by Tamil Tigers to punish escaping rebels and informers, including women fighters, have been found at guerrilla camps in eastern Sri Lanka, the Defense Ministry said.  weiterlesen >>>

Mogadishu Residents Refuse to Give Up Guns to Ethiopians (SOMALIA)


A 13 year-old student was killed in Mogadishu when hundreds of demonstrators turned many parts of the city more chaotic than usual.  weiterlesen >>>

Fencing, Mining Pak-Afghan Border Opposed Speakers Urge Pakistan to Work out Alternate Strategy (PAKISTAN)



Nepal Ceasefire Means No Letup in Threat from Landmines, Bombs (NEPAL)


A ceasefire and peace process do not mean that there is safety, says UNICEF mine and bomb risk expert Hugues Laurenge. weiterlesen >>>

Landmines kill 7 police, paramilitaries in C.India (INDIA)


At least seven members of the Indian security forces have been killed by landmine explosions in the central insurgency-hit state of Chhattisgarh, police said on Tuesday.  weiterlesen >>>

700 kilos of explosives found in Egypt's Sinai (EGYPT)


Egyptian security services found more than 720 kilograms (1,587 pounds) of TNT near the town of Al-Arish in the north of the Sinai peninsula, security sources said Monday.  weiterlesen >>>

Belarus says landmine disposal deadline likely to be extended (BELARUS)


The deadline for the disposal of the Belarusian army's antipersonnel landmine stockpile, one of the largest stocks in the world, is likely to be extended, Syarhey Luchyna, chief of the armed forces' engineering troops, told reporters in Minsk on Tuesday [16 January].  weiterlesen >>>

Flucht vor Kämpfen in Sri Lanka


Colombo (ND/Agenturen). Das Foto zeigt Hunderte Antipersonenminen, die die sri-lankische Armee bei der Eroberung der Rebellenbastion Vakarai im Distrikt Batticaloa im Osten des Landes vor einer Woche beschlagnahmte.  weiterlesen >>>

Staatengemeinschaft stellt Kredite für Libanon bereit


Nach dem Krieg mit Israel steckt der Libanon in einer tiefen politischen und wirtschaftlichen Krise. Deshalb unterstützt die Staatengemeinschaft mit neuen Krediten und Hilfsprogrammen den Wiederaufbau des Landes. weiterlesen >>>

EU: Preis für Petritsch


Der aus Kärnten stammende derzeitige österreichische UNO-Botschafter in Genf, Wolfgang Petritsch, erhält am 23. Februar in Strassburg den "Europäischen Menschenrechtspreis" der Stiftung "Pro Europa" weiterlesen >>>

(Diesmal) war es keine Mine


Aufregung auf dem Priwall und in Pötenitz um mysteriösen Fund  weiterlesen >>>

Irak: Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe weitet Hilfe aus


Unterstützung für Minenopfer und für Rückkehrer im Norden des Landes weiterlesen >>>

Tödlicher Anschlag mit Sprengstoffweste


Ein Selbstmordattentäter mit einer Sprengstoffweste hat vor einer US-Militärbasis in Ostafghanistan zehn Menschen mit in den Tod gerissen. weiterlesen >>>

Die "Bremer Antwort"


Der Verein "EigenArt" zeigt am 3. Februar ab 20 Uhr den Film "Deadly Nam"  weiterlesen >>>

Krieg gegen Umwelt


Streubomben und verseuchte Meeresböden: Der Libanon steht nach dem Krieg vor großen ökologischen Problemen weiterlesen >>>

UNEP Report Highlights Environmental Legacy of the Lebanon Conflict (abridged by CMC)


Demolition Waste, Damaged Water Infrastructure and Mined Agricultural Land Legacies of the Lebanon Conflict  weiterlesen >>>

"Die Mitglieder kommen ihrer Verantwortung nicht nach"


Am Montag (22.1.07) hat die erste Sitzungsperiode der Genfer UN-Abrüstungskonferenz begonnen. DW-WORLD sprach mit Götz Neuneck über die Gefahr eines neuen Wettrüstens im All und der Bedeutung der Konferenz. weiterlesen >>>

Klar gegen das Völkerrecht


Bei den Schweizer Konzernen liegt Ruag ganz vorne im Rennen. Sie vertreibt ihre Güter nicht nur auf dem Binnenmarkt, sondern bedient unter anderem auch einen israelischen Rüstungskonzern mit Streumunition. Und genau deshalb steht die Ruag auf der Liste der nominierten Unternehmen.  weiterlesen >>>

Doha, Defence and Disarmament on Goff's European Agenda


Trade, Defence and Disarmament Minister, Phil Goff, will be in Europe this week to attend a WTO Ministerial Meeting at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. This will be preceded by an intensive round of meetings with Ministerial colleagues in Oslo, Brussels and Berlin. weiterlesen >>>

Dates for Olso conference seeking ban on cluster bombs set


A conference aiming to obtain a ban on cluster bombs will be held here February 22 and 23, a government spokesman said Monday, months after a failed bid to unite the international community on the subject.  weiterlesen >>>

Australians for Lebanon



Libanon-Debakel holt Premier Olmert ein


Wie lange wird Israels Ministerpräsident Olmert noch regieren? Der Premier ist nach dem Rücktritt von Generalstabschef Haluz und wegen Ermittlungen der Staatsanwaltschaft gegen ihn weiter in Bedrängnis geraten - und die Aufarbeitung des Libanon-Kriegs hat gerade erst begonnen. weiterlesen >>>

Damit Kinder im Spital sich freuen


Rotary Club Interlaken spendet für Stiftung Theodora weiterlesen >>>

UNIFIL troop strength and humanitarian activities


The number of peacekeepers serving in UNIFIL has risen to 11,570, comprised of soldiers from 27 countries, 9,660 ground troops and 1,758 naval personnel.  weiterlesen >>>

Cluster bombs in south Lebanon to be cleared by the end of 2007


Cluster bombs in south Lebanon left behind by Israel during a conflict with Hezbollah guerrillas last summer will be cleared by the end of 2007, local newspaper The Daily Star reported on Thursday.  weiterlesen >>>

ICBL urges Pakistan to drop plan to lay landmines on Afghan border


BERN: The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) wrote to Pakistan's President, General Pervez Musharraf, urging him to abandon immediately the proposal to lay landmines along its border with Afghanistan, announced in late December 2006.  weiterlesen >>>

Landmines and disability: a challenge faced together


Landmines are among the most dangerous weapons in armed conflict ' easy and cheap to plant, but extremely difficult and costly to remove.  weiterlesen >>>

Mogadishu residents refuse to give up guns to Ethiopians


A 13 year-old student was killed in Mogadishu when hundreds of demonstrators turned many parts of the city more chaotic than usual. weiterlesen >>>

Die toten Soldaten und das Projekt Mitleid


Das US-Verteidigungsministerium unterstützt das "Project Compassion". weiterlesen >>>

Gemeinsame Werte fördern


In ihrer Ansprache am Dreikönigsabend der Landwehr legte Bundespräsidentin Micheline Calmy-Rey ihre Ansichten über die aktive Neutralitätspolitik der Schweiz dar. weiterlesen >>>

Kindernothilfe: Krieg in Sri Lanka


Immer mehr Opfer unter Kindern  weiterlesen >>>

Isaf-Soldaten töten bei Offensive 150 Taliban


Im schneebedeckten Süden und Osten Afghanistans lieferten sich Nato-Truppen und Taliban gestern die schwersten Wintergefechte seit dem Sturz der Gotteskrieger. Die Angreifer seien von ihren Schlupfwinkeln in Pakistan über die Grenze in die Provinz Paktika eingedrungen, hieß es.  weiterlesen >>>

MOSAMBIK / Der schwedische Starautor Henning Mankell unterstützt tatkräftig das "Teatro Avenida"


Kommissar Wallander hat unter Afrikas Sonne nichts verloren. Sein Schöpfer versorgt das Publikum mit Klassikern von Schiller und verblüfft die Skeptiker. weiterlesen >>>

Dicke Bretter für die Armen bohren


INTERVIEW. Pfarrer Dr. Jürgen Thiesbonenkamp leitet die Hilfsorganisation Kindernothilfe. 90 000 Paten finanzieren rund 1000 Projekte des Hilfswerks in 27 Ländern der Erde. weiterlesen >>>

Latvia honors fallen soldiers, maintains policy on Iraq


RIGA - Hundreds gathered at St. Peter's Church on Jan. 4 to mourn the death of two Latvian soldiers killed in Iraq, while flags fluttered at half-mast across the country. Among the solemn crowd of 600 were Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga and National Armed Forces Commander Juris Maklakovs. weiterlesen >>>

De-mining official expects South to be clear of cluster bombs by year's end


TYRE: The last Israeli cluster bombs will be cleared from the South by the end of 2007, Dahlia Farran, the media officer for the Center for the Coordination of De-mining Works in Southern Lebanon (CCDSL), said Wednesday. weiterlesen >>>

MacKay talks tough on Pakistan


Safe haven for Taliban exposes 'weak underbelly' of security in Afghanistan weiterlesen >>>

VVAF to Further Assist Vietnam to Overcome War Aftermath ( VIETNAM )


Bobby Muller, Chairman of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF) has committed to continue humanitarian projects helping Vietnam overcome the aftermath of war.  weiterlesen >>>

Sri Lanka Air Force: Bombed Weapons Dump In North ( SRI LANKA )


(Updates with military saying the location was also used to manufacture roadside bombs, rebels saying bombing aimed at disrupting commemoration ceremonies for a top leader)  weiterlesen >>>