Mali: Landmine tötet vier Menschen


Vier Menschen wurden in Mali durch eine Landmine getötet. Sie waren in einem Lastwagen unterwegs. (in Englisch) weiterlesen >>>

Simbabwe sucht Geld für Minenräumung


Zusammen mit dem Internationalen Komittee vom Roten Kreuz startet Simbabwe eine Minenräumkampagne in einem Dorf an der Grenze zu Mosambik. Dort sind die Menschen von Landminen bedroht, aber es fehlt das Geld für die Räumung. (in Englisch) weiterlesen >>>

Vereinigte Arabische Emirate finanzieren Minenräumung in Afghanistan


Die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate stellen 35,8 Millionen US-Dollar für Minenräumung und ländliche Entwicklung in der Provinz Kandahar zur Verfügung. (in Englisch) weiterlesen >>>

Veranstaltungshinweis: 10 Jahre Irakkrieg


Expertinnen und Experten informieren in München über das tödliche Vermächtnis von Landminen, Streubomben und Uranmunition im Irak 10 Jahre nach dem Krieg. weiterlesen >>>

Ländliche Gegenden in Bosnien sind mit Landminen verseucht


Große Flächen in Bosnien-Herzegowina müssen von Landminen und anderen explosiven Rückständen geräumt werden, bevor die Landbevölkerung sich wieder frei bewegen kann. (in Englisch) weiterlesen >>>

Afghanistan: UN verurteilt Einsatz von Sprengfalle gegen Zivilisten


Bei einem Anschlag im Süd-Osten Afghanistan sterben die 19 Insassen eines Mini-Busses. Die UN zeigt sich besorgt über den Anstieg der Zahl ziviler Opfer durch Sprengfallen, die wahllos eingesetzt werden. (in Englisch) weiterlesen >>>

Leben zwischen Hoffnung und Verzweiflung


Der Photoreporter Michael Biach berichtet über sechs Überlebende von Landminenexplosionen in Bosnien-Herzegowina. (in Englisch)  weiterlesen >>>

NGOs begrüßen Aufruf der Staatengruppe "London 11", keine Streumunition in Syrien einzusetzen


Die internationale Kampagne für das Verbot von Streumunition fordert, keine Streumunition in Syrien zu verwenden, und mahnt die Nicht-Beitritt-Staaten, dem Verbotsabkommen über Streumunition beizutreten. (in Englisch) weiterlesen >>>

AssA-Irada: Mine explosions kill 10 people in 2005 (AZERBAIJAN)


Ten people died and 49 were injured in 16 explosions of landmines and unexploded ordnance in the country in 2005, the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) told AssA-Irada. weiterlesen >>>

Military vehicle damaged, nine arrested in Kandahar (AFGHANISTAN)


KABUL - A military vehicle was damaged when it hit a landmine in the southern Kandahar province, officials said on Thursday.  weiterlesen >>>

Brazilian legislators call on neighbors to stem arms trafficking (BRAZIL)


A Brazilian congressional committee plans to ask Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Suriname to take measures against arms trafficking in light of reports that weapons are flowing from the neighboring countries to Brazilian criminals, legislative officials said Wednesday.  weiterlesen >>>

Paraguayan rejects Brazil's charges of arms trafficking (PARAGUAY)


Paraguay's armed forces chief on Wednesday rejected charges by Brazilian legislators that officers under his command were involved in peddling weapons to criminals in Brazil.  weiterlesen >>>

90 mines recovered in southern Afghanistan (AFGHANISTAN)


KABUL, Security officials Wednesday claimed recovering 90 different types of landmines in the lawless province of Kandahar.  weiterlesen >>>

FC soldier killed in landmine blast (Pakistan)


A Frontier Corps solider was killed and four people were injured in two landmine explosions in Pirkoh and Kahan areas while heavy fighting was reported between tribesmen and security forces in Dera Bugti on Tuesday. A report said that two people travelling on a pick-up were seriously wounded when their vehicle hit a roadside landmine in Kahan area of the Kohlu district. weiterlesen >>>

Afghanistan Sets Goals for Redevelopment


Afghanistan laid out a five-year plan for its redevelopment at an international conference on the country's future Tuesday. Among the goals Afghan President Hamid Karzai's government pledged to work toward: e.g. reducing by 70 percent the amount of land made unusable by land mines by 2010.  weiterlesen >>>

Iran's Gaza Front


While the world is focused on Iran's program to produce nuclear weapons, there is another, lesser-known project with perilous ramifications on which Iran has exerted great effort - hijacking the Palestinian Authority from within. weiterlesen >>>

Sri Lanka, rebels to seek renewed cease-fire


The Sri Lankan government and ethnic Tamil rebels have agreed to meet in Switzerland next month in an effort to salvage their tattered cease-fire after months of escalating violence, both sides said Wednesday.  weiterlesen >>>

Sri Lanka rebel-linked group says ceasing attacks


COLOMBO: A Sri Lankan group linked to the Tamil Tiger rebels said today it was ceasing military action but the government and the guerrillas accused each other of new attacks just after agreeing to meet for talks. weiterlesen >>>

No security problem on Ethio-Eritrea border: UNMEE


The United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) said there is no any security problem on the border though the ban imposed by the Eritrean government on its helicopters is still in place.  weiterlesen >>>

R2D2 May Soon be Your Household Companion


It won't be too much longer before Star Wars-like robots, that can think and move by themselves, will be part of our everyday lives.  weiterlesen >>>

Neueste Waffen aus Russland auf der Defexpo India 2006


Russland präsentiert auf der internationalen Rüstungsausstellung für Landstreitkräfte und Kriegsmarine, Defexpo India'2006, traditionell neueste Muster seiner Schützenwaffen sowie Systeme und Komplexe der Luftverteidigung.  weiterlesen >>>

Minenexplosion in Unruheprovinz: Sechs Tote - Sicherheitslage in Belutschistan verschlechtert


Islamabad - Bei der Explosion einer Mine in der südpakistanischen Unruheprovinz Belutschistan sind mindestens sechs Menschen getötet und fünf weitere verletzt worden. weiterlesen >>>

UK Balochs protest against Pak suppression in their province


Expatriate Balochs living in Britain recently staged a protest demonstration in London against the alleged Pakistani suppression in their province. The protest included a march past 10 Downing Street, the official residence of British Prime Minister Tony Blair. weiterlesen >>>

Eritreans wait in vain to return to border home


The U.N. Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) assesses the situation at the 620-mile border between Ethiopia and Eritrea as "still tense and potentially volatile".  weiterlesen >>>

A new mine-sweeper, developed by Alexander Averchenko (RUSSIA)


In 2006 new special mine clearing equipment, namely mine-sweeper "Vepr", will come into operation. weiterlesen >>>

Russia to deliver multiple launch rocket systems to India


Russia's main arms exporter, Rosoboronexport, and the Indian Defense Ministry have signed a contract to deliver Smerch multiple-launch rocket systems for two Indian army regiments, a company official said Monday.  weiterlesen >>>

Landmines are new threat in Manipur


Manipur's insurgency-infested areas have another killer that claims innocent lives: Landmines. The recent death of two children in Manipur's Churachandpur district has brought back the spotlight onto this problem.  weiterlesen >>>

Maoists blow up forest bungalow in Purulia


Police said the Maoists have claimed responsibility for a landmine blast late last night at Duarsini, along the Bengal-Jharkhand boarder. weiterlesen >>>

Military uncovers NPA camp, explosives in Davao Norte


Government security forces uncovered a camp and a safe house and recovered a powerful explosive of the terrorist New People's Army (NPA) on separate occasions in the province of Davao del Norte.  weiterlesen >>>

O.C. prosthetist's mission: Of lives and limbs


Orange prosthetist makes it his charge to help people in El Salvador learn how to make artificial limbs at a cheap price. weiterlesen >>>

Rats to sniff out Moz mines


The much-maligned rat is soon to become a hero in Mozambique as rats have been trained to sniff out landmines as part of the country's mine-clearance programme. weiterlesen >>>

Baseball Diplomacy" Fosters Vietnam-U.S. Ties


Former battlefield becomes a baseball field in Quand Tri Province  weiterlesen >>>

Bomb exploded at joint US-Afghan military convoy


After a week of suicide attacks and explosions in the southern parts of Afghanistan, another bomb Monday went off at a joint US-Afghan military convoy in Kandahar province, but officials say it carries no casualties. weiterlesen >>>

UN office guard killed, other injured in southeastern Afghan province


A policeman guarding the UNAMA's office [United Nation's Assistance Mission in Afghanistan] in the capital of Paktika Province [Gardez] was killed and his colleague wounded last night in mysterious circumstances, officials and residents said on Monday.  weiterlesen >>>

New attacks ahead of last-ditch Sri Lanka peace bid


Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels ambushed and killed three soldiers in Sri Lanka's restive east on Monday, as a Norwegian peace broker began a last-ditch bid to avert a slide back into civil war. weiterlesen >>>

Mit der Entscheidung allein gelassen


Wie wurden die Grenzsoldaten der DDR diszipliniert? Ergebnisse eines Projektes am ZZF vorgestellt. weiterlesen >>>

Norwegische Friedensinitiative in Sri Lanka


Vor der Ankunft des norwegischen Vermittlers Erika Solheims fielen drei Soldaten einer Landmine zum Opfer. weiterlesen >>>

Nine dead as militia, security forces clash in southwest Pakistan


Tribal militia and Pakistani security forces exchanged rocket and mortar fire in southwestern Pakistan, an official said Sunday, leaving nine civilians dead and four soldiers wounded.  weiterlesen >>>

Sri Lanka's military says it finds suspected rebel arsenal (SRI LANKA)


The military has discovered a suspected rebel cache of anti-personnel mines and hundreds of rounds of ammunition hidden in a bush in eastern Sri Lanka, the Defense Ministry said Sunday.  weiterlesen >>>

Two Russian soldiers killed by land mine in Chechnya (CHECHNYA)


Two Russian soldiers were killed by a rebel-planted land mine that exploded while they were trying to defuse it in Chechnya, officials said Saturday.  weiterlesen >>>

Search operation intensified in interior Manipur (INDIA)


Security forces have stepped up search operations to track down Manipur insurgents following yesterday's encounter in which army Lt. Col. Rajiv Bakshi and four cadres of the banned United National Liberation Front (UNLF) were killed in Churachandpur district.  weiterlesen >>>

Pro-govt cleric escapes landmine attack in Khost (AFGHANISTAN)


A Taliban defector and pro-government cleric Maulvi Rahmatullah escaped a landmine explosion in the Gorbaz district of the southeastern Khost province. weiterlesen >>>

Six injured in Kashmir grenade attack; landmine near parade venue defused


Interview with the BBC-correspondent Nasir Ahmed about the defuse of a landmine and a grenade attack in Srinagar weiterlesen >>>

Over 800 rebels killed by Russian landmines since 1999 - military


Over 800 militants have been killed by the landmines set up by the Russian federal forces since the beginning of the antiterrorist operation in the North Caucasus Russian republics of Dagestan and Chechnya, Interfax has been told by Col Igor Konashenkov, an aide to the commander of the Russian Ground Troops.  weiterlesen >>>

Sappers defuse thousands of landmines during Chechnya campaign


Servicemen of engineer units of Russian Interior Ministry Troops have defused more than 4,500 landmines since the beginning of the counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya.  weiterlesen >>>

Landmines recovered from Jharkhand school (INDIA)


A major accident was averted in a Jharkhand school when police on a tip-off unearthed three landmines suspected to have been planted by Maoists.  weiterlesen >>>

European cease-fire monitors resume limited operation in Sri Lanka's port


European cease-fire monitors said Friday they were partly resuming operations in Sri Lanka's port of Trincomalee three days after suspending work there citing security concerns, the group's spokeswoman said.  weiterlesen >>>

Russian army to employ more landmine searching dogs in 2006


In 2006 the number of landmine-searching dogs employed by the Russian armed forces will reach 250, commander of the Russian Engineer Troops, Col-Gen Nikolay Serdtsev told the journalists on Friday [20 January].  weiterlesen >>>

Nepali Security forces confiscate guerrillas weapons (NEPAL)


The security forces have confiscated Nepali guerrillas' various weapons, explosives, logistic goods and their documents from different parts of the country, Ministry of Defense (MoD) said here Friday.  weiterlesen >>>

Colombia says child, 3 others killed by FARC mines (COLOMBIA)


Colombian rebels planted landmines that killed four peasants, including a child, earlier this month in a farming community near a coca eradication project, Vice President Francisco Santos said on Friday.  weiterlesen >>>

A Town Becomes a Prison (IRAQ)


Iraqui civilians accuse the U.S. forces of planting landmines in civilian areas weiterlesen >>>

Georgia: Russian peacekeepers step up patrols in Abkhazia's Gali District (GEORGIA/ABKHAZIA)


In the course of a regular patrolling duty, a subunit conducting an engineering reconnaissance sweep 2km away from the 202nd peacekeeping checkpoint discovered and defused a landmine at the second stage of activation, the press service said. weiterlesen >>>

Landmine disarmed in Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone (GEORGIA/ABKHAZIA)


Soldiers of Collective peacekeeping forces (CPF) in Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone discovered and disarmed a landmine. As a REGNUM correspondent has been informed in the peacekeepers' press office, the landmine was discovered during a regular patrol of the road in CPF responsibility zone by one of engineer elements.  weiterlesen >>>

UPDATE 3-INTERVIEW-Japan INPEX sees Iran oil project delay (IRAN)


Leading Japanese producer INPEX Corp.'s flagship Iranian oilfield project is being delayed by the slow removal of landmines from the area, but will not be affected by growing political tensions between Tehran and the West, the company's top executive said on Thursday. weiterlesen >>>

United State Sends More Land Mine Dog Teams to Azerbaijan (Canine mine-detection teams support heavy equipment used for mine removal) (AZERBAIJAN)


The United States is sending five more specially trained dogs to help rid Azerbaijan of persistent land mines, the State Department announced January 19. weiterlesen >>>

FC man killed in Dera Bugti mine blast (PAKISTAN)


Sporadic violence continued unabated in restive Balochistan on Wednesday, as one personnel of the Frontier Corps was killed in a landmine blast in Dera Bugti, while three children were injured in a rocket firing incident in Khohlu. Meanwhile, a powerful bomb exploded in the provincial capital. weiterlesen >>>

Three blasts shatter brief calm in Sri Lanka, 27 wounded (SRI LANKA)


A land mine went off in the town of Batticaloa, wounding 10 government soldiers, while a similar attack in the neighbouring district of Trincomalee left 13 people wounded, officials said. They said four people were wounded in another bomb attack in Batticaloa earlier in the day. weiterlesen >>>

Four Philippine officers accused of failed 2003 mutiny escape from army prison (PHILIPPINES)


Arroyo canceled a number of provincial trips later in the week, but aides said it was unrelated to the jailbreak. In one province she was to visit, where communist guerrillas are active, security officials said they found land mines and homemade bombs, but didn't elaborate. weiterlesen >>>

Why our Afghan mission grows ever more dangerous (AFGHANISTAN)


Nowhere are the risks to Canadian troops and civilians more obvious than when they travel on the roads nearest to where they eat, sleep and try to relax behind a maze of barbed wire, berms and concrete at the Provincial Reconstruction Team base in Kandahar. weiterlesen >>>

Office Clears 2.4 Mln. Square Metres of Land From Mines, Explosive Ordnances (ETHIOPIA)


The Northern Branch Coordination Office of Ethiopian Mine Action disclosed that it has cleared over 2.4 million square metres of land along the Ethio-Eritrea border from various explosive ordnances and landmines over the last six months. weiterlesen >>>

Chechen police killed 140 militants in 2005 (CHECHNYA)


A total of 991 firearms, 219 pieces of ammunition, 513 landmines and mines, 175 improvised explosive devices, and more than two tonnes of explosives were confiscated last year, Interior Minister Ruslan Alkhanov said. weiterlesen >>>

Two killed in Bajaur Village Landmine Blast (PAKISTAN)


Two men killed after a landmine exploded on a dirt road a village of Bajure tribal region, a local resident said Monday. One of the men died at the scene in Jangzai , a village in the Bajure region, said Sharif Khan , a resident of the village. weiterlesen >>>

Chechen rebels kill six Russian troops (CHECHNYA)


A soldier was killed and two others wounded when their truck came under fire near the southeastern town of Duba-Yurt, while two others were killed and two injured when their jeep ran over a landmine in southwestern Samachki. weiterlesen >>>

Preparatory Committee for Review Conference on Illicit Small Arms Trade; 11th & 12th Meetings (AM & PM)


Increased technical, financial assistance, civil society mobilization among issues raised as debate continues on recommendations for small arms reviewconference  weiterlesen >>>

New vehicles better, but not invincible (AFGHANISTAN)


Canada's soldiers in Afghanistan are getting 43 new armoured patrol vehicles with improved protection from ground-level mine blasts but they may not be a panacea for the type of suicide attack that killed a Canadian diplomat and injured three soldiers in Kandahar. weiterlesen >>>

At least 280 killed by anti-personnel mines in Colombia in 2005 (COLOMBIA)


At least 280 persons died last year in Colombia from anti-personnel mines planted by rebel groups, according to an official study released here Monday. weiterlesen >>>



A person was wounded when he stepped on a land-mine near Guvenli village of eastern city of Hakkari, sources said on Sunday. The man who stepped on the mine while hunting was hospitalized. weiterlesen >>>

Police unearth three landmines at Pallagutta village (INDIA)


The district police unearthed three powerful landmines pitched on a road leading to Pallagutta village in Station Ghanpur mandal here on Wednesay.  weiterlesen >>>

Vietnam War veteran honored for removing landmines (VIETNAM)


A decorated American Vietnam War veteran was honored Monday for helping to launch a project to remove landmines in the Southeast Asian nation. Jan Scruggs, whose project is aimed at eliminating more than 350,000 tonnes of unexploded ordnance left in Vietnam and improving the lives of landmine victims, was presented the "First Lavang Award" by the Vietnam Dream for Success, a US-based non-profit group.  weiterlesen >>>

Official: Belarus willing to join protocol on explosive remnants of war (BELARUS)


Belarus is willing to accede to a new UN protocol on explosive remnants of war, Sergei Luchina, chief of the Engineer Forces, said on January 6.  weiterlesen >>>

Two suspected of making mines for rebels arrested in Chechnya (CHECHNYA)


Two active members of illegal groups have been detained in Chechnya's Achkhoy-Martanovskiy District, and primed landmines have been seized from them.  weiterlesen >>>

Jawan strays into landmine area, gets hurt critically (INDIA)


An army jawan was critically wounded in a landmine explosion here yesterday, official sources said.  weiterlesen >>>

Ireland pledges 12.8m euros in aid for Africa, Middle East (IRELAND)


Ireland pledged a further 12.8 million euros (15.2 million dollars) in humanitarian and recovery aid on Wednesday to 11 African states, Iraq and the Palestinian territories.  weiterlesen >>>

Vietnam: Seminar discusses measures to support war victims (VIETNAM)


More than 70 representatives from non-governmental organisations and international organisations, namely UNICEF and UNDP, gathered in Hue on Monday to discuss measures to support war victims in the Mekong sub-region.  weiterlesen >>>

Minenräumer klären Lehrer auf


Acht Jahre bereits sind deutsche Experten von der Firma Gerbera in Königs Wusterhausen im Auftrag des Solidaritätsdienstes-international e.V. (SODI) in der Provinz Quang Tri in Vietnam tätig. Sie haben großen Anteil an der Verwirklichung des SODI-Programms zur Minen- und Blindgängerräumung und zum Wiederaufbau von Dörfern, die im Krieg zerstört worden waren. weiterlesen >>>

Police Seize Forged Ballots Headed to Iraq From Iran (USA ' Iraq)


Northwest of Baghdad, four American soldiers were killed when their patrol struck a mine, the American military command said, offering no further details. weiterlesen >>>

European Commission provides €8 million for victims of crises in Northern and Southern Caucasus (EU)


The European Commission has adopted two new humanitarian aid decisions totalling €8 million for victims of the ongoing crises in Chechnya (€6 million) and Georgia (€2 million). In Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan, this decision finances the distribution of basic and supplementary food for the most vulnerable people, supports primary education and vocational training as well as psychological assistance for people, especially children, affected by war-related trauma. It also provides mine-risk education weiterlesen >>>

Four landmines recovered in Malkangiri (India)


The CRPF and the Malkangiri Police today recovered four landmines laid by the Naxalites in between Motu and Kalimela, about 60 kms from here. weiterlesen >>>

Louisiana soldier among latest Iraq casualties (USA ' Iraq)


A 22-year-old Fort Hood soldier from Bossier City, La., Sgt. Julia V. Atkins, was killed in Iraq when an improvised explosive device detonated near her vehicle, the Department of Defense said. weiterlesen >>>

4 killed in communist rebels' attacks (Philippines)


Four soldiers were killed in separate attacks by suspected communist insurgents in the southern Philippines, officials said on Monday. Insurgents also detonated a landmine, destroying a truck transporting soldiers, on a remote village of Mago in the town of Columbio in Sultan Kudarat province Sunday. weiterlesen >>>

Iran, Iraq ink deal to remove landmine


Iran and Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to remove landmines in infested fields in the two countries. According to the MoU, the two countries will exchange information on sites where landmines have been planted, set up a committee to speed up the clearing of landmines and train technical personnel to do the job.  weiterlesen >>>

Taliban claim killing three US soldiers in Kandahar. Taliban destroy US military radar in Kunar (Afghanistan)


Taliban claim to have killed three US troops in southern Afghanistan here on today. According to the details the a Taliban spokesman Dr Hanif claim that a US tank was blown up by a remote controlled landmine in Maiwand district of Kandahar Province today that resulted in killing three US troops onboard.  weiterlesen >>>

Humvee Strikes Mine at Bagram Front Gate (Iraq)


A U.S. Army Humvee struck an anti-tank mine 100 meters outside Bagram Airfield front gate Nov. 29. No one was injured in the incident.  weiterlesen >>>

TAJIKISTAN: At least 17 killed by mines in 2005 'TMAC


Some 1,800 anti-personnel mines have been neutralised in Tajikistan this year, the Tajik Mine Action Centre, responsible for the clearance, said on Tuesday. weiterlesen >>>

G-Wagon used in Afghanistan likely saved soldier lives (Afghanistan)


Three Canadian soldiers and a journalist injured by a bomb in Afghanistan may well have been killed had it not been for the light-armoured vehicle they were travelling in, say military experts and the reporter involved in the blast.  weiterlesen >>>

Germany Orders 100 General Dynamics Duro IIIP Vehicles


MOWAG GmbH, a part of General Dynamics European Land Combat Systems, has signed an agreement with the German company Rheinmetall Landsysteme, GmbH, Kassel (RLS) to provide 100 Duro IIIP state-of-the-art 6x6 multi-purpose wheeled armored vehicles to be used by the German Bundeswehr (armed forces).  weiterlesen >>>



On December 15 the Organization of American States (OAS) and the government of Guatemala will mark the end of a program to clear antipersonnel landmines and destroy unexploded ordnance that posed a potential danger to the local population. The program located and destroyed 4,127 unexploded artifacts.  weiterlesen >>>

Anti-personnel landmines stockpile search starts next year (Angola)


A process of search and localisation of anti-personnel landmines stockpile will start in the first quarter of 2006, in response to Article 4 of the Ottawa Convention of which Angola is a signatory.  weiterlesen >>>



Representatives of the BiH Red Cross Association handed over a database on mine victims to the BH Mine Action Centre (BHMAC) in Sarajevo on Monday.  weiterlesen >>>

Maoists blast landmine (India)


Maoists blasted a landmine at Rajuluguda village in Bhamani mandal in Srikaulam district this morning. The police personnel had a miraculous escape.  weiterlesen >>>

Taliban claim killing three US soldiers in Paktia (Afghanistan)


Taliban claimed that they have killed three US soldiers in Southeastern Afghanistan with a remote-controlled landmine.  weiterlesen >>>

Naxal killed in encounter (India)


The police found a gun, claymore mine, flash used to trigger mines, bullets and Maoist literature near the gun at Ramalapuram village in Guntur District. weiterlesen >>>

Claymore attack in East, 2 SLA soldiers wounded (Sri Lanka)


Two Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were seriously injured when unidentified attackers detonated a claymore mine at a foot patrol of twelve SLA soldiers in Vantharumoolai, 17 km northwest of Batticaloa town. The attack took place Monday morning around 7:30 a.m. near the Eastern University building on Batticaloa - Valaichenai main road, police said.  weiterlesen >>>

Subaru tests mine-clearing robot (Japan - Croatia)


Japanese car maker will trial new robot in Croatia next month. Fuji Heavy Industries plans to use a robot to help clear mines in Croatia. The company, best known as the maker of Subaru cars, will begin testing the robot in Croatia at the end of January 2006, the Daily Yomiuri reported this week.  weiterlesen >>>

Mine Kills Soldier in Argun (Chechnya)


A homemade mine exploded near a pension payment office in Chechnya guarded by federal soldiers, killing one and wounding another, the Chechen Interior Ministry said Friday.  weiterlesen >>>

Family: Michigan soldier wounded in Iraq dies (USA ' Iraq)


Sgt. Spencer Akers, 35, of Traverse City, died Wednesday at Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas, said Akers' uncle, George Akers, of Manton. He was burned after his vehicle struck a land mine in Habbaniyah. weiterlesen >>>

Japan says wants to host S.Lanka peace talks (Japan ' Sri Lanka)


Japan is willing to host direct talks between Sri Lanka's government and Tamil Tigers to revive a flagging peace process, a Japanese envoy said on Sunday, as suspected rebels launched several attacks across the island. Two claymore mine attacks on patrols in the northern government-held Jaffna enclave last week killed 14 troops and sent the stock market plunging as fears of a return to war rose. weiterlesen >>>

Two top naxals killed in encounter (India)


In a major blow to the CPI (Maoist), two top naxalites were killed in an alleged encounter with the police at Marrivemula village in Pullalacheruvu mandal in Prakasam district on Saturday morning. The police recovered four rocket launchers, four claymore mines and two single-loaded rifles from the scene of encounter.  weiterlesen >>>

Ugandan rebel LRA accepts Sudanese mediation initiative (Sudan ' Uganda)


According to the SMC news service, Southern Sudan government has announced that four major roads which connect southern Sudan to the neighbouring countries would be cleared of land mines. weiterlesen >>>

Iraqi defense advisor meets defense minister Tehran (Iran ' Iraq)


A report released by the Publicity Department of the Ministry of Defense said that General al-Emara, heading an Iraqi delegation, is here to discuss joint mine sweeping operations.  weiterlesen >>>

Two Naxal leaders arrested in Patna (India)


Two CPI (Maoist) activists were arrested and satellite phone and weapons seized from them on sunday, police said. Deputy Superintendent of Police (Law and Order) Kumar Amar Singh said naxalite literature and a diary in code language were also recovered from their possession, besides some wire used for detonating landmines.  weiterlesen >>>

Land mine deaths (Greece)


Soldiers from the army's land mine clearing division yesterday recovered the corpses of two men who had crossed into a fenced-off minefield in Kastanies, Evros prefecture. The men are believed to have been illegal immigrants. weiterlesen >>>

There will be no investigation, PM says (Denmark)


The prime minister has rejected a demand that he open an investigation into Denmark's participation in the Iraq war. The Socialist People's Party was not amongst the supporters, and its chairman, Willy Søvndal, had requested 'an independent investigation into the entire Iraq coalition's basis for waging war, and the means used by it, including the use of torture, napalm, white phosphor, cluster bombs, sexual abuse, etc., as well as the Iraq war's influence on increased risks of terror'. weiterlesen >>>

12 killed in S Waziristan arms shop blast (Pakistan)


A powerful explosion in an arms and ammunition shop in Jandola, the town located at the entry point to South Waziristan, on Thursday morning killed 12 people and caused injuries to another 45. Eyewitnesses and survivors told The News that the blast at 9:02 am was apparently caused due to mishandling of an anti tank landmine in the shop.  weiterlesen >>>

Four soldiers killed by land mine explosions (Colombia)


Four Colombian soldiers tracking rebels in northwest Colombia were killed after walking into a minefield, which caused a series of explosions, the army said Friday.  weiterlesen >>>



Both Armenia and Azerbaijan have cited mine clearing as an issue that promises to prolong talks for a permanent resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Gazakhlar has had between 12 and 14 incidents with mines and unexploded ordnance since the end of the war with Armenia in 1994. Originally, the village was able to support 500 people; now only about 300 people live here.  weiterlesen >>>

Secretary-General recommends another extension of UN force in Golan Heights (Middle East)


United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today recommended that the mandate of the UN peacekeeping force in the Golan Heights be extended for another six months. The UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) remained available to help the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) to promote landmine awareness among the civilians living in the area.  weiterlesen >>>

Zwei illegale Einwanderer in griechischem Minenfeld getötet (Griechenland)


An der griechisch-türkischen Grenze sind zwei Menschen durch Minen ums Leben gekommen. Nach Angaben des griechischen Rundfunks handelt es sich um illegale Einwanderer. Über ihre Nationalität liegen keine Angaben vor.  weiterlesen >>>