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15. Minenkonferenz in Chile

Vom 28. November bis zum 1. Dezember treffen sich die Vertragsstaaten des Minenverbots. Sie berichten dort unter anderem über die Fortschritte in Bezug auf ihre Pflichten aus dem Vertrag. Die Zivilgesellschaft nutzt die Gelegenheit, um auf aktuelle Probleme aufmerksam zu machen. (auf Englisch)

The Fifteenth Meeting of the States Parties (15MSP) to the Mine Ban Treaty will take place in Santiago, Chile, from 28 November to 1 December 2016.

At the 15MSP, the States Parties are expected to report progress and plans on implementing the Maputo Action Plan and achieving their treaty obligations. States not party are expected to report on their positions and plans for joining the Mine Ban Treaty. During the 15MSP, the States Parties will also consider and take decisions on requests for extended mine clearance deadlines under Article 5 of the treaty.

As President and host of the 15MSP Chile plans to focus its efforts on some specific obligations of the Mine Ban Treaty, such as: victim assistance, mine clearance, stockpiles destruction and compliance.

In the lead-up to the Santiago meeting:

Landmine Survivors call on Chile to pass victims’ law

In a dialogue between landmine survivors, other members of civil society and government representatives in Santiago, survivors demanded the government to fulfill promises to victims.

2016 Intersessional Meetings
The Mine Ban Treaty’s intersessional meetings took place on 19-20 May 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland, where States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty reported on the recent progress made to implement the Mine Ban Treaty and the Maputo Action Plan (MAP). The meetings also provided a platform for informal discussion on challenges, plans and requirements for assistance and cooperation to achieve the objectives of the treaty.

Kofi Annan, Foreign Ministers Pledge Support for a Mine-Free World by 2025

Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan joined Foreign Ministers from Canada, Chile and Colombia in a packed room of Geneva's Palais des Nations on 2 March 2016, pledging support for the Mine Ban Treaty as states embark on the "final stretch" towards a mine-free world. More than 35 donor states and states with landmine contamination, as well as mine clearance experts and UN bodies, explained how they will work towards this goal.

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