10 Naxalites killed in Chhattisgarh's special operation

Adopting a policy of hot-pursuit against Left wing extremists, the Chhattisgarh police has carried out a massive combing operation, killing ten Naxalites and destroying their more than a dozen hideouts in the dense forests of in south Bastar, bordering Andhra Pradesh.


The six-day "Operation Green Hunt", which was carried out from August 29 by five companies of Naga battalion, four companies of Central Reserve Police Force and the state police, resulted in killing of ten Naxalites, arrest of 17 Communist Party of India-Maoist cadres, destroying of a landmine factory and bunkers set up by the extremists in the dense reserve forests in Bairamgarh and Bijapur areas in Dantewara district.

The director-general of police, Mr Om Prakash Rathor told newsmen here last night that during the operation, the security forces combed the dense forests, covering an area of 150 to 200 sq km, having hostile terrain with hillocks and rivulets.

The security forces raided at least 26 Naxalite camps and bunkers engaging the extremists in encounter. He said 10 Naxalites were killed in the action while 17 others were arrested. There were indications about more casualties on Naxalite side but their bodies were apparently taken away by their comrades. Mr Rathor said.

Claiming that the security forces had also destroyed a landmine manufacturing unit near Tumnar village, Mr Rathor said self-loading rifles, live cartridges, muzzle loading guns, used cartridges of AK 47 assault rifles, bows and arrows, besides landmines with wires and detonators were seized during the operation.

The DGP said about 200 quintals of rice and paddy were found in the Naxalite camps, while Naxalite literature, diaries, posters, banners, Naxalite flags, anti-malarial and antibiotic medicines were also seized.

Mr Rathor said all these Naxalite camps and bunkers were well fortified with landmines on all the sides and the Naxalites tried to ambush the security forces at about 15 places. The para-military and police forces, however, managed to foil Naxalite attempts through their "tactical movements and quick actions", he claimed.

Mr Rathor said 22 CRPF jawans, a special police officer and a driver, who were killed when the Naxalites triggered a landmine blast targeting an anti-landmine vehicle near Bijapur on Saturday evening, were part of the "Operation Green Hunt". They were retreating after participating in the operation when the blast took place.

"We have taken this incident very seriously. We are not going to bow down before such acts of cowardice," he said, terming the activities of Naxalites "inhuman, illegal and against all norms of human conduct".

"There is no ideology. They are just criminals," Mr Rathore said, adding the state was determined to crush all those organisations and group of individuals behind such terrorist activities.

Replying to a question, the DGP said the state government's decision to impose a ban on Naxalites, its frontal organsiations and others indulging in terrorist and disruptive activities could help the security forces to a great extent deal with the Naxalite menace. Anyone aiding and abetting these organsiations and its members could face action under the "Chhattisgarh Special People's Security Ordinance 2005," he added.

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