16 LTTE killed, 10 injured in clashes at Wanni (Sri Lanka)

At least 16 LTTE were killed, 10 injured as fighting between troops and LTTE ensued at separate locations in the Mannar and Vavuniya fronts yesterday (April 26), according to military reports received.


Troops have also captured 3 LTTE bunkers, while 6 soldiers were also reported wounded mainly due to Anti-personnel mine explosions.

In the Mannar front, intermittent clashes were reported in general areas North of Manthai and East of Veddayamurippu. According to reports, 2 LTTE were killed sniped separately in general area North of Manthai by SLA yesterday. Troops also advanced and captured 3 LTTE bunkers killing 8 LTTE and injuring 10 others during intense fighting in East of Veddayamurippu. During subsequent search operations conducted SLA recovered 1231 T-56 ammunition rounds, 11 hand grenades, and 3 T-56 weapon magazines.
A soldier was also reported wounded due to an AP mine explosion in general area Parayakulama.

Meanwhile, in the Vavuniya front, confrontations between SLA and LTTE were reported in general areas East of Chinnavalayankadu, Vinayakankulama and West of Palampiddy. According to military reports, 6 LTTE were killed in addition to 5 SLA casualties.

Von: 27.4.2008, www.defence.lk

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