2500 antipersonnel mines confiscated and people arrested (Algeria)

People's National Army Intelligence services confiscated 2500 antipersonnel mines in the city center of Maghnia in Tlemcen wilaya and arrested many involved people in the so-called the greatest explosive leak attempt to the fiefdoms of the terrorist groups in center of the country.


Investigators who moved from Algiers to Maghnia border area told El Khabar that yesterday's daybreak into a private house used as a warehousing place for antipersonnel mines, smuggled by trafficking networks from the Moroccan borders and were to be routed to terrorist group's fiefdoms in Tizi Ouzou mountains center of the country.
The same sources added that they arrested people who were inside. El Khabar knew that inquiries started from Boumerdés wilaya, after the dismantling of explosive factory in Tedjellabine at the aftermath of 4/11 terrorist suicide attacks in Algiers.

Von: 25.06.2007, A.Brahim, www.elkhabar.com

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