26 Tamil Tigers among 30 killed in Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka)

At least 26 Tamil Tigers and four soldiers were killed in intense clashes in embattled northern Sri Lanka as fighter jets targeted a building close to a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) runaway in the rebel stronghold, official said today.


Meanwhile, a major disaster was averted near Colombo when security forces defused a bomb planted in a vehicle. The parcel bomb equipped with a timing device was discovered in Galgamuwa, about 100-km north of Colombo, police said, adding the bomb planted by suspected LTTE militants was defused, PTI reported here.
"Air Force fighter aircraft targeted a building close to the Iranamadu LTTE runaway in (the rebel stronghold of) Mullaitivu in Northern Sri Lanka this morning (April 28)," a defence ministry official said. Lankan Air Force pilots confirmed that the target was engaged successfully.

LTTE rebels yesterday used two light aircraft to bomb Lankan defence lines, for the first time in six months. The bombing by the LTTE was the first since it helped its cadres on the ground attack a Lankan air force base last October in which the government lost eight planes.
In ground clashes, troops killed seven LTTE rebels while losing two of its men in mine explosions in Vavuniya district yesterday, the Media Center for National Security (MCNS) said.

Separately, the army gunned down two Tamil Tigers in Kallikulam area of Mannar yesterday, the Defence Ministry said, adding one soldier was killed in the Nivil area of north-eastern Sri Lanka on the same day.
In another confrontation, one LTTE cadre was killed by an anti-personnel mine explosion in Munukkapi area of Mannar yesterday, the MCNS said.
One solider was killed in an anti-personnel mine explosion in Vedamkilum in Vavuniya yesterday, it said.

Reports of fighting in Sri Lanka have increased in recent months after the government's declaration in January that it was pulling out of the 2002 cease-fire pact with the rebels and Colombo's
determination to crush the Tamil Tigers.
Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan troops killed four Tamil Tigers in Palampiddi area in Vavuniya yesterday, the MCNS said. As many as five LTTE cadres were killed when the army launched a fierce attack on a line of bunkers yesterday in Vedayamurippu in Mannar yesterday, the Defence Ministry said. It also said one rebel was killed during a confrontation with troops in Veppankulam area in Mannar last evening.

In another incident, troops killed one militant in Andankulam area in north-east Welioya yesterday, the MCNS said, adding another rebel was shot dead in North Janakapura area in the region on Sunday. The troops also killed two LTTE cadres and injured another three at Janakapura later in the day.
Separately, the security forces killed one Tamil Tigers rebels in Kokkuthuduwai area and another in Minukkar in north-eastern Welioya yesterday.

The government has regularly accused the LTTE of targetting civilians as the Tamil Tigers have been forced out of its strongholds by the security forces. At least 26 people were killed and 62 injured in a bus explosion on Friday near Colombo. A major tragedy was averted early today when security forces diffused a bomb in a passenger bus.
At least 70,000 people have been killed in the civil war that the LTTE has fought since 1983 for a separate state for the Tamil minority community in the Island nation, alleging marginalization by governments dominated by the Sinhalese. END

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