3 terrorists killed in clashes - Vavuniya front (Sri Lanka)

Three LTTE terrorists were killed in clashes sparked in Vavuniya front today, April 24. In an incident took place in general area north of Palampiddy around 4.10 pm ground troops confirmed that three terrorists were killed. Troops on a search operation have uncovered a slain body of a terrorist killed in this confrontation later, sources said.


Meanwhile, troops on search operation in general area Palampiddy have uncovered a decomposed body of a female LTTE cadre killed in battle erupted recently. A T-56 weapon also found from the same area, sources added.

Two army personnel on mine clearing duty in general area Palampiddy received injuries due to an explosion of anti-personnel mine. They were rushed to hospital for immediate medical attention, sources further said.

Separately, troops on mine clearing duties in general area Thachchanamarathamadu have unearthed 78 anti-personnel mines through out the day.

Von: 24.4.2008, www.defence.lk

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