6 LTTE killed, 9 wounded in Wanni and Northern fronts (Sri Lanka)

LTTE terrorists continued to take beating as intermittent clashes ensued between troops and LTTE ahead of Northern and Wanni defences, on Monday (April 28). Troops claimed to have killed 6 terrorists, injuring 9, while 18 others were believed either killed or seriously injured, according to military reports.


In the Jaffna front, at Muhamalai an LTTE cadre was reported killed in a SLA sniper attack at around 7.50a.m. Meanwhile, a soldier also received injuries following a confrontation with LTTE ahead of terror defences in Nagarkovil. 2 LTTE terrorists were also said either killed or wounded when troops counter attacked an LTTE offensive attempt in general area Nagarkovil.

In the Vavuniya front, 2 soldiers were reported wounded in anti-personnel mine (AP) explosions in general area Palaimoddai. Separately, at the Mannar front in general area Kaddupulan 2 LTTE terrorists were killed, 4 injured when troops attacked an LTTE movement, security sources said. In addition, a solider has also received injuries in the confrontation. Meanwhile, a terrorist was killed in general area Koddaikkulama in a SLA sniper attack.
According to security sources, a soldier has laid his life in confrontation with LTTE in general area Malikaittdal, at 6.10p.m. Troops attacked and destroyed 3 LTTE bunkers in general area Pikkulama, and later said that 6 terrorists were either killed or seriously injured, while a soldier was also reported wounded in the confrontation.

In the Welioya front in general areas at Kiriibbanwewa and North of Janakapura, 2 LTTE were reported killed and 5 others injured according to military reports received. 10 others were also believed either or seriously injured, security sources further said. Separately, troops while conducting search operation in general area North of Janakapura have recovered following items security sources said.

Item Name Quantity
Hand grenade 07
Terrorist web kit 01
12.7 ammo containers 03
12.7 ammunition rounds 220
12.7 ammo links 03
40 mm grenade rounds 18
GPS 01
Field dressings 04

Von: 30.4.2008, www.defence.lk

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