6 terrorists killed in Mannar front [Updated] (Sri Lanka)

Six LTTE terrorists were killed in clashes sparked in Mannar front today, April 15, the report received from forefront stated. Troops have assaulted LTTE bunker lines in general area Veppankulam around 7.45 this morning. By intercepting LTTE communication channels it is revealed that an LTTE cadre was killed in this attack.


Meanwhile, troops have launched an attack observing a group of LTTE terrorists in general area Palleperumalkaddu in north-east of Parappakandal at 10.40 a.m today. Two LTTE terrorists were killed in this attack, LTTE transmission confirmed.

In the same area army snipers gunned down an LTTE terrorist around 11.35 a.m, the report further said. Separately, three more LTTE terrorists were killed by the army snipers deployed in general area Manthai in two separate incidents took place at 8.35 a.m and 7.35 p.m.

Army soldier on mine clearing operation received injuries due to an explosion of anti-personnel mine in general area north west of Parappkandal, the report added. Meanwhile, troops engaged in mine clearing operation in general areas Veppankulam and Parappakandal unearthed 9 anti-personnel mines and 2 booby traps which were laid by the LTTE terrorists before fleeing the area.

Limited operations are continued in Mannar front.

Von: 16.4.2008, www.defence.lk

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