Air Force Picket Comes Under LTTE Fire (Sri Lanka)

TRINCOMALEE: A ROAD picket run by airmen of the Sri Lanka Air Force in TRINCOMALEE came under an LTTE fire attack early Tuesday (24) morning at about 5.30 a.m. injuring one airman on duty.


Terrorist firing directed from a distance has been carried out by several Tigers who had infiltrated the area disguised as civilians, Police maintained.

One airman sustained injuries into his abdominal area was rushed to TRINCOMALEE hospital for treatment.

Police and airmen have launched a combined search operation in the area in order to track Tigers hiding in the area.

Eight More Dead Tigers & LTTE Arms & Explosives Collected

MULLAITTIVU: THE LAST-DITCH battle that rages on for the total liberation of PUTHUKUDIRIPPU from terrorist grips continued to collect more and more Tiger weapons, dead terrorists and other technical equipment.

Eight corpses of Tiger terrorists, thirty-four T-56 weapons, two Rocket Propeller Grenades (RPG), 1 kg of C-4 explosives, two 12.5 kg heavy claymore mines, six repeater guns, twenty-four low band chargers, eighteen low band sets, three antenna cables, five tape antennas, one low band base station, one Cooger base station, one Cooger set and three vehicle mount antennas, three HK 47 weapons, seven Bangalore torpedoes, one electric server, three anti personnel mines, three hundred T-56 ammunition rounds, seven hundred and fifty T-56 ammunition rounds, two I-com sets, one 12.5 kg heavy claymore mine, two 2.5 kg heavy claymore mines, one motor bicycle, one tripod and several other LTTE items.

Meanwhile, troops in CHAMPIANPATTU have recovered two hand grenades from the area along with an anti personnel mine.

Von: 24.03.2009,

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