AK Stamping Receives Mk281 Training Ammunition Links Contract (USA)

Veteran-Owned Small Business Part of U.S. 40mm "Green Ammunition" Supply-Chain


MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J., March 23 /PRNewswire/ -- AK Stamping Company, Inc. (AKS) announced today that it received a contract to produce "green ammunition" links for American Rheinmetall Munitions (ARM), a U.S. subsidiary of German-based Rheinmetall.

The links are for the Mk281, the only 40 mm Non-Dud Producing (NDP) training ammunition in the U.S. The contract positively affects 30-40 jobs at AKS and their suppliers, and it aligns with the Department of Defense's missions to support small businesses and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) solutions.

AKS is veteran-owned and operated with an excellent reputation for manufacturing small and medium caliber ammunition links for various weapon systems. The company can supply 250,000,000 links annually. To meet Mk281 link design requirements, engineers developed a manufacturing process that combines 50+ years of metal stamping expertise with cutting edge welding, assembly, and quality inspection techniques. Supported by their
strong track record of on-time deliveries, AKS is poised to make their mark in this green product category.
Mk281 is positioned as the market leader in 40 mm "green ammunition" through a U.S.

Marines' contract award to Rheinmetall. The cartridges come in day and day/night versions, visible in infrared spectrum and naked eye, and are primarily used by the Marines. The day version is used at the Army's National Training Center (NTC) in Fort Irwin, California for fire and maneuver training. It allows soldiers to train in dry summer months when range restrictions prohibit the use of the Army's M918 pyrotechnic spotting cartridge.

For civilians and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Mk281 addresses a growing sense of urgency related to long-term costs of UXO in communities. The 1970-design, M918, has a fuze failure rate of 3%-8%. This creates an annual DoD clean-up liability of >$500M, which does not include costs of restoring soil and water damaged by potassium perchlorate payloads. For property owners affected by Base Re-Alignment and Closures (BRAC) and UXO, the negative consequences ripple far. Land impacted by BRAC reduces the number of people spending money in communities, while UXO land deemed too risky for sale stagnates economic development and drives down property values. The DoD and EPA are working together to resolve these public concerns.

Established in 1957, AKS is a provider of engineering services, product development, and precision metal stampings, supplying integrated solutions to leaders in the defense, medical, telecommunications, and computer hardware industries. For over 50 years, AKS' customers have benefited from the company's expertise in thin-gauge, precision metal stamping, receiving quality solutions delivered on-time and at competitive prices. For more information, visit www.akstamping.com.

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