Alleged LTTE terrorists kill a Tamil youth - Vavuniya (Sri Lanka)

The body of a Tamil youth found yesterday alleged killed by LTTE terrorists was identified as Mailawahanam Sivalingam Wimalakumar(26), a resident at Kovilpuddukulam, Sidambaram Road- Vavuniya, on Tuesday, the 20th of March.


The body of the victim was found in a joint search, conducted by the civilians and the security personnel in the area, which was lying around 200 m away from his house at 11.30p.m yesterday(19). The search initiated immediately on information received from a Tamil woman who had heard several gunshots in close proximity.

The body was recovered with several cut wounds indicating the killing was done in execution style. Relatives of the Tamil youth said that he had gone missing since two days and they have logged a complaint in the Vavuniya Police.

According to civilian sources they believed the youth had been abducted by the LTTE, who said to have intimidated the youth earlier, with death threats for collaborating with the SL security personnel in the area.

Meanwhile, the Vavuniya Hospital sources said the victim's body was seriously mutilated with deeply penetrated cut wounds.
The body of the Tamil youth is to be handed over to his parents following the postmortem, the Vavuniya Hospital sources further added.

Meanwhile, military sources said that they recovered two claymore mines weighing around 08 Kgs to 10 Kgs today at 09.00a.m, in a random search surrounding the area. The mines were believed to be trapped, targeting the security personnel while recovering the body of the youth. Luckily the vigilant eyes have caught the presence of a wire roll which lead, to the recovery of the claymore mines averting a possible tragedy.

Von: 20.03.2007

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