An LTTE cadre killed and two wounded- Trincomalee and Jaffna (Sri Lanka)

SL army troops gunned down an LTTE terrorist and injured another in front of the Northern Forward Defence line at Muhamalai this morning (15).


The Media Center for National Security said the troops shot at the terrorists around 6.a.m while they were engaged in a reconnaissance mission. The wounded LTTE cadre was observed fleeing the scene abandoning his partner. The troops found a T-56 riffle and 11 anti personal mines in a subsequent search.

Separately, in Trincomalee, the naval troops shot down an LTTE cadre who had attempted to trespass the naval detachment at Uppuweli yesterday (14). The LTTE cadre suffered serious injuries and was later admitted to the Trincomalee hospital by the Navy sailors.

A T-81 rifle was found in the possession of the LTTE cadre.

Von: 15.05.2007

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