ANAMA: "Main mine-clearing works are to be done following the liberation of the occupied lands of Azerbaijan" (Azerbaijan)

Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Clearing Actions (ANAMA) carries out due works in five regions of the country.   Yet, the main, large scale mine clearing actions are to be held in the future in the occupied lands of Azerbaijan after the parties conclude a peaceful agreement and the lands are liberated.


The due announcement was made by Nazim Ismaylov, head of ANAMA at an event on the International Day of Mine Prevention and Assistance to Combat with Mine threats, declared by the UN General Assembly, today, Novosti-Azerbaijan reports.

The event was attended by US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Anne Derse.

"The conflict parties maintain an agreement on the exchange of the maps of mine fields following conclusion of a peaceful agreement. We hope that the Armenian side will give us the maps of the mine fields on a certain stage", he noted.

According to Ismaylov, Azerbaijan has a long-term project on mine cleaning of 7 currently occupied regions around Nagorno Karabakh.

"The mine clearing actions involve about 500 ANAMA specialists and specially trained dogs, special technique and facilities are used in this activity.The system of teaching mine defense to pupils has been arranged in 1,200 in cooperation with the Ministry of Education", Ismaylov said.

According to the chairman, the United States has been actively cooperating with this organization since the first day of its existence and is a big donor.

"In the first year of ANAMA's activity, Azerbaijan's share in the mine clearing project of the country made up 10%, while the United States accounted for 45% of all 90% of foreign investments. A strategy according to which Azerbaijan's share in this direction should rise yearly, has been signed.

In 2008 Azerbaijan's share made up 75% and the share of the donor-countries-25%. The US Department of State decided to finance the mine clearing process in Azerbaijan from three sources in 2008", ANAMA president said.

He noted that the organization also undertakes measures on employment of citizens, who suffered from mines. A carpeting enterprise was opened for them in one of the regions.

US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Anne Derse thanked the ANAMA officials for their work.

"The United States have provided assistance in the amount of $15,000,000 to ANAMA since 2000", she noted.

It should be added that a film about the activity of the National Agency, was demonstrated during the event.

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