Angola: Cunene - Over 2,000 Explosive Devices Deactivated

The demining brigade of Angolan Armed Forces (FAA)'s command in south Cunene province deactivated 2,462 explosive devices from January to September 2007 in the districts of Kwanhama, Cuvelai, Namacunde and Ombadja, said Friday the commander of the brigade, Manjor Jorge Antonio "Jojo".


According to the official, from the above-mentioned number, there are 2,250 non-detonated devices, 43 landmines, one anti-tank landmine, two anti-personal landmines, two hand grenades, 140 75mm shells, 14 RPG7 ammunitions and 698 boxes of ammunitions.

A 14,000 source metre extension in the province was cleared during the work carried out by the brigade, thus enabling the return of the population to the farming areas, and contributing to the boosting of farming and self-sustainability, as well as the construction of new residences in free-danger zones, explained Jorge António.

Von: 19.10.2007

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