Angola: Demining executive commission set

An Executive Commission tasked with securing the inspection, clearing and control of quality of populations relocation areas and with mapping out and destroy landmines was set up on Thursday in Luanda by Angolan Government.


The information is contained in a press release issued at the Cabinet Council meeting chaired by Angolan head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos, that says that the Commission is also tasked with mapping out and destroy landmine and other eventual explosives.

This Government decision follows an assessment made by the National Institute of Demining between January and September this year.

The Government has also considered the programme as of "top priority" in view of the level of implementation that will also affect the success of the electoral process.

Thus, the Government wants to promote a major effort, both of the public and private authorities, for the identification, mapping out, neutralisation and clearing of the areas affected by landmines and undetonated explosives.

On the other hand, the Government also approved the report on the first half of 2005 on the work done by the Commission for National Social and Productive Reintegration of Former Soldiers.

According to the communique, the Cabinet Council Standing Commission considered as "satisfactory" the assessment of the programme of amelioration and increase of basic services to the populations in the first semester of 2005.

The programme constitutes one of the fundamental instruments promoted by the Government, aimed at permitting the local administrations to address the populations needs, through the rehabilitation of productive and social infrastructures.

Von: 19 October 2005,

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