ANGOLA - Huambo: French NGO Runs Landmine Risk Awareness Campaigns

Huambo - A total of 3,873 people learned of the risks of landmines and other explosive devices, under a programme ran from January-May this year in Angola's central Huambo province by the French Non-Governmental Organisation, "Handicap International".


The programme was run in Huambo districts of Tchicala-Tcholohanga, Mungo and Bailundo, that are considered as of "high risk" as they were the scene of fierce fights during the post-election war that severely ravaged the country.
According to Handicap International's supervisor of national programme on education and prevention of landmine accidents, Matilde Rodrigues, the campaign included 415 sessions of awareness in schools, church, gardens, markets and other places of people concentration.
She said the awareness work has been useful to the populations in identifying minefields and knowing how to act in the presence of unexploded ordnance. "In this project, the target population has been learning daily landmine accidents management procedures, thus contributing to reduce the number of victims due to lack of information," she added.
The lessons, according to Matilde Rodrigues, are lectured by people through sporting and recreational activities, based on training and support to theatre and music groups.
Handicap International in Huambo province has trained more than 300 activists who are currently working in the mobilisation of the communities and strengthening of the awareness and education networks and associations on landmine risks prevention.
The project is being sponsored by Swiss Cooperation, France Embassy to Angola and the foundation Swiss Mettler. Handicap International is based in Huambo since 2002.

Von: Source: Angola Press Agency, 26.06.2006,

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