Angola: Japanese Embassy Grants Funds to National NGOs (ANGOLA)

Luanda: The embassy of Japan to Angola Wednesday in Luanda granted funds to two national Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) for the implementation of social projects in central Benguela province.


ANGOP learnt that one of the grants, estimated at USD 79,749, was released to the International Humanitarian Organisation which will be earmarked, during an 8-month period, for the implementation of an education programme against landmine dangers in Kapilongo village, 45 kilometres to the east of Benguela district.

This requires that said organisation trains 60 groups of trainers with a view to educating children, women and men, resident in this region, Bocoio and Balombo districts, in care about landmines.

Part of the granted amount, estimated at USD 82,781, delivered to the Association for Support to the Communitarian Development (AADC), will be channelled for the rehabilitation of the Cuvelo Valley project, in Kanjala commune, Lobito district, Benguela province.

Signing the grant accords were the business officer of the Japanese embassy accredited to Angola, Koji Tahara, and representatives of the two NGOs, João Missel da Silva and Eurico Numa, respectively.

Von: 5.3.2008, Angola Press Agency

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