Angola: Über 11 Millionen Quadratmeter entmint

2014 wurden allein in der Cuanza Sul Provinz in Angola mehr als 11 Millionen Quadratmeter von Landminen befreit. Gleichzeitig war kein einziger Unfall zu verzeichnen - dank erfolgreicher Aufklärungsarbeit und Entminung (in Englisch)

Minenopfer in Angola machen mit einem Marsch auf ihre Probleme aufmerksam (1995) © Ph. Revelli / Handicap International


Sumbe - At least 11.7 million square metres were cleared out in 2014, central Cuanza Sul province, according to a report of the annual balance of the National Inter-sectorial Commission for Demining and Humanitarian Assistance.

According to the document, which reached Angop on Thursday, the works of removal of the explosive devices were carried out in the municipalities of Amboim, Ebo, Quibala, Cassongue, Cela, Mussende and Seles.

In the referred areas, it was de-activated anti-personal landmines on tertiary roads, agricultural, tourist and residential areas.

The report states that in 2014, it was not recorded any accidents with landmines, fruit of the works of education, awareness, lectures on the danger of the landmines in the communities outlined by the operators of the National Demining Institute (INAD), Angolan Armed Forces (FAA), Apacominas and The Ha llo Trust.

Quelle: reliefweb

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