Angola: UN Economic Rights Committee Highlights Country's Progress (Angola)

Geneva -The United Nations committee on economic, social and cultural rights expressed satisfaction at the progress recorded by Angola in past six years, aimed at meeting the millennium development goals.


This information is contained in the final report of the assessment process released last Monday in Geneva (Switzerland), after the analysis of Angola's report on the implementation of the UN covenant on economic, social and cultural rights.

That institution, which is in charge of monitoring and implementing the referred covenant, also highlighted the progresses achieved by Angola for the integration of locally displaced people who were affected by the war that devastated the country.

On the other hand, the committee expressed its concern with the phenomenon of children accused of witchcraft, mainly in the country's rural areas, and also regarding the landmines spread nationwide and other explosive devices.

Von: 25.11.2008, Angola Press Agency (Luanda),

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