BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan, Feb. 29 -- The U.S. Army Special Operations Command issued the following news release: Afghan National Security Forces, assisted by Coalition forces, recovered an ammunition cache in Kashmund Village, Chaparhar District, Nangarhar Province, Feb. 26.


UNITED STATES, 29 February 2008 (US Fed News)--

Villagers alerted ANSF soldiers of the cache location, which resulted in the recovery of 38 107mm mortar rounds.
Last week, residents of neighboring Idyakhel Village, Chaparhar District, discovered an ammunition cache consisting of 12 anti-personnel mines and one 107 mm mortar round.
"Alerting ANSF of the cache discoveries, or turning in weapons to Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan authorities shows that Afghan citizens are tired of insurgent activity in their region," said Capt. Vanessa R. Bowman, a Coalition spokesperson.
Afghan citizens receive compensation through the Small Rewards Program when they facilitate the recovery and turn-in of armament caches. The SRP is designed to encourage and compensate Afghan citizens for their efforts to rid the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan of weapons used by insurgents and foreign fighters.

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