Anterally, mothers relate ordeals of 'rape victims' (INDIA)

Lamka: A day before their rally in protest against the alleged mass rape of women, the Joint Women Organisation of Churachandpur today recounted the ordeal of the victims to the media fraternity.


Addressing the media, leaders of Zomi Mothers' Association, Kuki Womens' Union, Mizo Peoples' Convention, Womens' Wing, Hmar Womens' Association and two Pastors, both eyewitnesses and victims of torture, recounted the tales of ordeal experienced by the people of Parbung, Lungthulien, Taithu, Torbung and other villages.

Recounting the horrendous incident before the media, president of HWA, JL Sawmi alleged that the cadres of the outfit entered Lungthulien village on Jan 16 and gangraped 10 women after taking them to a secluded place.

The outfit, after separating the men and women picked the women of their choice and after forcing them to lie on the ground, gangraped them in a manner which is hard to describe, she narrated.

Four underaged girls were among the alleged victims.

Ten victims from Lungthulien, five each from Parbung and Torbung were the victims whose statements were in the possession of Hmar Womens' Associaion.

The mothers however refused to divulge the identities of the victims and details of the statements.

They however agreed to hand over a copy to an Editor of a local paper after getting an assurance that none will be leaked.

Besides the two Pastors, namely Pastor Thuomlien and Pastor Thangtinmang backed the allegations by narrating their experiences.

Among the 21 victims whose statements were collected, two were mentally traumatized by the incident with one suffering from halluciations, looking out for security helicopters which she claim was on its way, ever since the incident occurred, the mothers claimed and added that one was raped in the presence of her spouse while another was raped in front of her father.

Fearing rejection and ostracisation, these victims at first refused to give their statements claimed the mothers, hence the delay in alerting the media fraternity of the facts.

The Mothers also alleged that more victims are in the process of giving their statements.

Besides the alleged rape, tremendous sufferings by the locale populace of Tipaimukh area at the hands of the same underground outfit were highlighted today.

"The UGs are gone for now but once the Army leave us, they are sure to return, as they have promised to avenge the death of their comrades" claimed the two Church leaders who were apprehensive about their future.

Meanwhile, in a representation addressed to the Chief Minister of Manipur, the Joint Women Organisation, Churachandpur claimed that 8 persons were killed and another five injured after stepping on mines planted by the same militant outfit.

The latest being, Sakholien (47) s/o L Rema of Maulien killed on March 5, 2006, the day before yesterday.

In addition to detailing the rape incidents, the representation requested the Chief Minister to thank the Mizoram Government for sheltering and attending to the needs of the refugees "on our behalf, if not on your behalf." Relating how fathers of the gangraped victims would like to preserve the virginity of their daughters, the mothers asked, "Hon'ble Sir, if you were her father, what shall you do stop such inhuman act ?" in the representation to be submitted during tomorrow's rally.

Calling all right thinking citizens to attend their Peace Rally and be a part in condemning the horrendous acts committed by the militants, the Joint Women Organisation, request business establishments to down their shutters during the rally.

The Peace Rally will begin at 9:30 am from Lamka Public ground and conclude in Peace Ground, Tuibuong after submitting their representation to DC and SP CCpur respectively.

Von: 08.03.2006, - Source: The Sangai Express / S Singlianmang Guite

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