Appeals to Serbian Gov't to sign Oslo Convention (Serbia)

Representatives of the Cluster Munition Coalition and Norwegian People's Aid on March 10 urged the Serbian government to sign the Oslo Convention, which envisages the prohibition of production, sale and use of that kind of ammunition.


Participants in a news conference held at the Media Center announced that there are over 2,500 pieces of unexploded cluster bombs in Serbia 10 years after the NATO bombing, the removal of which requires international assistance.

Head of the Cluster Munition Coalition Thomas Nash reiterated that Serbia had been among the leading countries in initiatives to ban that type of weapon, adding that one of the biggest conferences on the matter took place in Belgrade in 2007.

He voiced disappointment with the fact that the government abandoned the idea of signing the Oslo Convention in December 2008, which was an incomprehensible "turn" on the part of the government.

No country has disappointed me as much as Serbia. The convention hasn't been signed by countries such as the U.S., Russia and China, but I don't care about them. Serbia needs that agreement as one of the countries that were victims of cluster bomb use, Nash said.

Serbian Mine Action Center representative Sladjana Kosutic said that the potential signing of the Oslo Convention was a political issue, the resolution of which was under the government's jurisdiction.

The Oslo Convention has so far been signed by 94 countries.

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