Arbeitstreffen der Antipersonenminenkonvention tagte in Genf

Südsudan ist bereit, dem Verbotsabkommen über Antipersonenminen beizutreten, die Türkei legt Plan für die Zerstörung von Lagerbeständen bekannt. (weitere Ergebnisse in Englisch)


Intersessional Standing Committees Meetings, 20-24 June 2011, Geneva, Switzerland

  • Germany announced that it had discovered an area suspected to contain landmines and cluster munition remnants at a former Soviet firing range at Wittstock in the east;
  • The Pacific nation of Tuvalu participated for the first time in a meeting of the Mine Ban Treaty, and said it intends to join;
  • ICBL member Human Rights Watch confirmed antipersonnel landmine use by Libyan government forces in the Nafusa mountains;
  • The southern Sudan Demining Authority said that landmines have been used recently in the region by "renegade" rebel groups, but also said that southern Sudan intends join the Mine Ban Treaty after it formally becomes an independent state on 9 July;
  • Turkey, which missed its stockpile destruction deadline in 2008, declared that it will complete the destruction of its remaining antipersonnel mines by the end of August 2011;
  • Belarus, Ukraine and Greece, the other States Parties that also missed their stockpile destruction deadlines, described the measures they are taking to destroy their mines;
  • Algeria, Chile, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Eritrea requested extensions to their treaty-mandated deadlines to clear all their mined areas


To ensure ongoing and effective implementation of the Mine Ban Treaty, five Standing Committees meet once a year in Geneva, Switzerland. The meetings are open to governments (States Parties and states not party to the Treaty), international organizations and non-governmental organizations. The ICBL actively participates in these meetings, delivering expert statements, organizing side events and making the voices of mine survivors and their communities heard.

The Intersessional Standing Committees Meetings took place from 20 to 24 June 2011 at the World Meteorological Organization building, Avenue de la Paix 7bis, Geneva, Switzerland.

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Source: ICBL

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