Armenian cluster munitions kill 9, injure 40 Azerbaijanis

Azerbaijan Campaign to Ban Landmines held press conference on outcomes of project Monitoring and Information of use of cluster munitions in Azerbaijani territories financed by Eurasia Fund of Norway embassy in Azerbaijan, APA reports.


Hafiz Safikhanov, Chief of the Azerbaijan Campaign to Ban Landmines stated that pilot project was carried out in Fizuli, Terter and Tovuz within six months.
He noted that, the two sides participating in the war used cluster munitions produced by USSR during the operations carried out in Azerbaijani territories. Here includes, cluster bombs, Grad rockets and 120mm-artillery shells .
These guns kill 9, injure 40 as a result of monitoring.

"There are women and children among injured people. The reports given about the sufferers and territories are the facts determined in the framework of this project, other facts are not ruled out. Besides, the investigations found out that banned chemical weapons were used by Armenians during military operations," he said.

According to Safikhanov, HALO Trust organization clearing Nagorno Karabakh of mines said 162 territories underwent the influence of this weapon and the weapons are supposed to be found in 150 more territories. The organization found over 6500 parts of cluster munitions last year.

The head of the organization noted that convention banning cluster munitions is being prepared. 139 countries, including 27 countries having these munitions and 17 countries producing them participate in the preparation of the convention.

Von:, 29.01.2008

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