Army digs out powerful explosives from arterial road in Kashmir (INDIA)

The Indian Army defused powerful explosives planted by suspected militants on an arterial road to target an army convoy.


Delayed reports said that the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were recovered from the Doda-Bhadarwah road on Sunday minutes before an army convoy was to pass through.

The Indian Army and police officials recovered two IEDs weighing eight kgs and three kgs respectively in a joint operation.

The bomb disposal squad of the Indian Army defused and later detonated both IEDs, which had the capacity to cause extensive damage in case they went off.

Ashok Sharma, Superintendent of Police of Badarwah, said that the IEDs were planted within 100 metres of each other.

"At about 9.30 a.m. (local time) their party which included the engineering team and the dog squad found an IED. After having defused the first, they found yet another IED at about a distance of 100 metres from the place where first was found. The first IED weighed 8 kgs while the second weighed about 3 kgs," he said.

Von: 27 September 2005, Hindustan Times

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