Army has Recovered 730 T56 Assault Rifles Abandoned by the Fleeing Tigers in the Eastern Province (Sri Lanka)

Large hauls of armaments abandoned by fleeing Tamil Tigers have been recovered by the Sri Lanka army in their search and clearing operations conducted now in the country's eastern Province.


The army searching and clearing operations were able to recover 78 T-56 assault rifles in the Ichchalampattu area and 28 T-56 assault rifles in the Vakarai area on February 17, Defense ministry sources said.

According to army sources in the eastern Province, so far 730 T-56 assault rifles were recovered in total, abandoned by the fleeing Tamil Tigers with the fall of their strongholds in the area.

Experts have pointed out that the amount of explosives and mortars transported by the LTTE remains the largest quantity of armaments ever transported by a non-state armed group. Most armaments experts say have been obtained by using forged or adapted end-user certificates. The LTTE obtains most of the small weapons like the Chinese manufactured T-56 assault rifles from Cambodia. Burma and Thailand.

Army sources further revealed a large number of weapons have been abandoned by the Tamil Tigers because more than 700 of them have died during the battles.
The Defense Ministry sources said during the search and clearing operations by the Sri Lanka army in the Ichchalampattu area, apart from the T-56 assault rifles, 37 RPG rockets, 38 RPG charges, two gun mountings, one 12.7 tripod, 800 12.7 rounds, 295 .50 rounds, 10 boxes of Bangalore torpedoes, one kilogram of C4 explosives, 140 T-56 magazines, and seven outboard motors have been recovered.

Defense Ministry sources said the army units are also clearing the areas of booby traps, land mines and anti-personnel mines to prepare the area for the civilians to come back and settle down.

Von: 19.02.2007 By Walter Jayawardhana

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