Army orders more mine-resistant vehicles from Ladson company (USA)

CHARLESTON, S.C., The Pentagon has ordered more of a Ladson manufacturer's mine-resistant vehicles for use in Iraq and Afghanistan, the company said.


Force Protection Inc., which makes armored military vehicles, said Tuesday that the Army has ordered 19 of the 23-ton Buffalo troop transports with an option to buy 26 more.

The vehicles have a V-shaped hull to protect passengers from blasts from land mines and improvised explosive devices. The Buffalo model includes a camera and remote-controlled hydraulic arm to screen and handle explosives.

Financial details of the Army's order were not available but should be completed in about a month, the company said.

In May, the company received an almost $46 million contract to manufacture 71 Cougar vehicles.

Von: 8 February 2006 (AP)-- (c) 2006. The Associated Press.

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