Azerbaijan: Mine action integrated in state socio-economic development plan

The Ministry of Economic Development elaborated a plan for socio-economic development of regions of Azerbaijan for the period 2006-2008 with involvement of a number of institutions.


This plan approved by the Government of Azerbaijan became a part of overall strategy for ensuring macroeconomic stability and durable development in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Being responsible for planning, coordination and management of mine action related activities in Azerbaijan ANAMA is also involved in the implementation of the Plan covering following priority directions: 1) reduce fatalities and injuries caused by mine incidents; 2) promote IDP return; 3) facilitate rehabilitation and reconstruction of infrastructure; 4) provide food safety, and 5) in other cases, when such intervention required.

Territories where ANAMA conducts clearance operations are of high economic importance. Lands of Ganja-Gazakh and Upper Garabagh are significant primary resources. Fizuli and Aghstafa districts have unique opportunities for viniculture. There is a real background for foreign investment for clearance and recovery of former vineyards. Bee farming and silk raising, unique fields of agricultural activity in Azerbaijan are also concentrated in Fizuli. Raising of cotton and first class grain crops could be further developed in Goranboy district.

These all will allow employment of a great number of refugees and become bases for rapid and effective development and rehabilitation of war-torn areas. This is also predefined with fact that the major part of IDPs had been always involved in agriculture. The State Socio-Economic Development Plan does not include territories currently under occupation.

Today ANAMA efforts are aimed to continue increasing and expansion of mine action capacity to provide the clearance of not only accessible lands but also the territories of Azerbaijan to be liberated in the near future.

Von: 22 September 2005,

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