Batna: security strengthened after the discovery of an explosive belt (Algeria)

Well informed sources have declared to Ennahar that after a clash between the forces of the National People's Army and a group of terrorists in Batna, the day before yesterday evening in the area of Ghedjati, within the town of Oued Cheaba has been discovered a belt of explosives and other objects left by the armed group whose number and identity remains unknown.


And according to the same source, the passage of terrorists had coincided with the passage of the army forces in the region, near the railway as part of an extensive search operation conducted by forces since a few days.

After the shootings that have lasted a few minutes, the terrorists managed to escape leaving behind them a quantity of clothing and food in addition to a belt of explosives. Considering the place where the incident occurred, located some 9 km from the town of Batna, which also coincides with the approaching visit of the independent candidate Abdelaziz Bouteflika in the department of Batna tomorrow Thursday, security sources do not exclude the possibility that this is a preparation for an attack against President Bouteflika in the manner of the September 2007 when he escaped an assassination attempt.

20 days ago, the chief of the Army Gaïd Salah conducted a rapid tour in the department of Batna, where he held a meeting with senior security officials. A security plan was then adopted. The Chief of Staff insisted that it should be implemented since the beginning of the current week mainly on the approach to the visit of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika scheduled for tomorrow Thursday in Batna, in the context of the election campaign.

The security services divided the wilaya of Batna in seven in areas subject to daily checks of identity for people and vehicles and other security arrangements necessary to ensure the visit of President Bouteflika in the wilaya of Batna for the first time since the September 06, 2007 date of the suicide bomber who had targeted him.

The forces of the National People's Army for a week make a sweep in the regions of Ouled Aouf when two mines exploded causing injuries to two soldiers. Before, a clash took place at the exit of the town of Barika between a detachment of police and armed strangers who were in a Mitsubishi vehicle. A policeman died before the armed men fled in the mountains of Tifrane. The security services have not yet identified whether they were drug traffickers or terrorists.

Von: 18.03.2009

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