Besigye won't be tried in Court Martial: Museveni (Uganda)

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Tuesday said that the leader of the Forum for Democratic Change ( FDC), Kizza Besigye will not be tried by the Court Martial.


According to a press release from the State House, President Museveni gave the assurance while meeting the European Union ambassadors and the representative of the ambassador of the United States to Uganda at State House in Kampala on Tuesday afternoon.

However, the president said that the Court Martial would continue holding in custody the suspects co-accused with the opposition leader in the interest of national security.

Museveni said that the group of suspects has the capacity to cause chaos in the event of them being released on bail.
Besigye and 22 others were charged in the High Court on November 15 and in the General Court Martial (GCM) on November 22 last year. They were charged of terrorism and unlawful
possession of firearms by the GCM.

They are said to have procured and found in possession of unlawful weapons including 93 semi-machine guns, two hand grenades, 24 pieces of anti-personnel mines, 23 Uzi guns and 212 loose live ammunitions.

On January 30, the Constitutional Court ruled that the army court has no power to try the suspects on terrorism charges.
On March 1, the GCM summoned Besigye to appear on March 15 over terrorism and illegal arms charges.

Besigye was defeated with only 37.36 percent of votes in the February 23 presidential elections while President Museveni won the elections with 59.28 percent of votes.

Von: 9.3.2006

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