BNP briefs EU lawmakers on Balochistan situation (Pakistan)

BRUSSELS: Balochistan National Party secretary-general Sanaullah Baloch on Wednesday briefed European Union lawmakers on Pakistan army operations in his province, saying Islamabad must be told to immediately stop the "violation of human rights of the Baloch people." Mr Baloch told Dawn he had also informed several members of the European Parliament of the alleged use of landmines by the Pakistan military and paramilitary forces.


Mehran Baloch, who heads the BNP mission to the human rights commission in Geneva, said EU lawmakers had also been briefed on the Pakistan army's "misuse and abuse of foreign military hardware" to oppress the Baloch people. Equipment supplied by western nations, including the US, to track down Taliban and Al Qaeda insurgents was being used against the Baloch people, he charged. "We have the proof of such misuse," he said.

Von: 9.5.2006 By Shadaba Islam,

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