Bomb kills 12 in violence-hit Afghanistan (Afghanistan)

A civilian vehicle has hit a roadside bomb reportedly planted by the insurgents in southwestern Afghanistan killing 12 and injuring four of the occupants.


The incident took place on Sunday in Farah province involved a minivan which was travelling between Gulistan and Dilaram and districts, AFP quoted Deputy Provincial Governor Mohammad Yunus Rasouli as saying.
The wounded reportedly included a woman and a child.
The province has turned to a hotbed of Taliban-led militancy with the militants having vowed to force out the American and foreign troops.
Civilians have been one of the main victims of roadside, car and suicidal bomb blasts by militants in their fight against US-led coalition forces. They have also been victims of indiscriminate counterinsurgent attacks and assaults on ill-confirmed militant hideouts.
The spiraling civilian casualties have sparked public outrage and threatening the Kabul-Washington relations.
Violence has taken a turn for the worse as influxes of US troops hit the country and threatens to reach its high-water mark with the arrival of hundreds of coalition forces ahead of next month's presidential elections.

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