Bombing ends, but LTTE attacks continue (Sri Lanka)

At least two sailors were killed and three STF personnel injured when suspected LTTE cadres exploded two claymore mines targeting the security forces in two separate incidents in Mannar and Jaffna.


Military sources said at about 9.30 am a claymore mine was exploded injuring three STF personnel who were on road patrol at Kaddukarai Kulam on the Mannar-Medawachchiya road. In the second attack, two sailors, who were on a road clearing operation at Serukkal in Kayts were killed as suspected LTTE cadres exploded a claymore mine in the morning.

Following these attacks, the security forces launched a search operation both in Mannar and the Kayts Island. Meanwhile Reuters news agency reported that Sri Lankan forces Thursday stopped bombing Tamil Tiger targets. Both sides have vowed to retaliate if attacked again after heavy firing Tuesday night and Wednesday caused thousands to flee their homes. Military spokesman Prasad Samarasinghe said claymore blasts would not provoke air attacks.

"It was suspected LTTE. But for a claymore mine blast we don't respond with air strikes," Brigadier Samarasinghe said after the first blast. The pro-rebel Web site Tamilnet ( quoted Tiger northeastern political chief S. Elilan as saying the rebels awaited instructions from their leadership, but any retaliation would be "catastrophically disabling and devastating".

Von: 28.4.2006

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