Sarajevo Mayor Semiha Borovac and Stari Grad Mayor Mustafa Resic signed at Trebevic on Monday an agreement on transferring 150.000 KM from the Sarajevo City Budget to the Stari Grad Municipality Budget for the project of clearing Trebevic of mines.


The signing ceremony was held at Vidikovac.

The 150.000 KM have been approved in the Sarajevo City Budget based on a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Stari Grad Municipality and the International Fund for Demining and Assistance to Mine Victims.

These funds will be used for demining the area of Pitine Stijene at Trebevic. 202.610 square meters of land are covered in mines in that area alone.

Stari Grad Mayor Mustafa Resic thanked the City for the continued support it has been providing to Stari Grad during the past three years.

"I expect this to strongly encourage potential international and domestic donors and governments at all levels to more strongly support the demining of Trebevic. Another 500.000 square meters still need to be cleared of mines and this will require more than 2,5 million KM because of the difficulty of the terrain", Resic said.

He said that he also discussed the reconstruction of Trebevic and the reconstruction and construction of a modern cable car with international donors and companies.

"The citizens of Sarajevo can expect us to remain determined, no matter how expensive this project is, on cleaning Trebevic and rebuilding the cable car in order to put this favourite picnic area back in function", Borovac said.

Von: 17 October 2005,

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