Bosnian force heads to Iraq for de-mining operations

A Bosnian force of 25 military experts in mines headed to Iraq on Thursday to take part in de-mining operations within the US-led forces in the war-torn Arab country, said a statement issued by the Bosnian Defense Ministry.


The force is the second Bosnian military unit to be sent to Iraq, as the ministry had already sent the first force around six months ago to participate in de-mining operations in residential areas and roads around Fallujah and other areas north and west of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

The Bosnian government had made a decision last May, based on a call from Washington, to take part in the US-led troops in Iraq with a limited force of military mines' experts.

The decision was taken as a "middle solution" that is aimed to satisfy Bosnian blocs backing such participation, and other blocs who stand against any Bosnian military involvement in Iraq.

Von: 01 December 2005,

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