Bumar Announces $1.2 Billion Deal with India (India/Poland)

WARSAW - Polish state-controlled arms company Bumar on Feb. 25 announced it was poised to sign a 1.2-billion-dollar (809-million-euro) deal to supply military equipment to India.


"We are expecting to sign contracts worth around $1.2 billion," a spokeswoman for Bumar, Kamila Walczak, told AFP.

She declined to elaborate.
According to the Polish newspaper Dziennik, Bumar has clinched six separate contracts with India, covering the supply of 200 WZT-3 armored cars, 80 Kroton de-mining vehicles, 100 Loara mobile anti-aircraft units and 110 self-propelled cannons.
In addition, Dziennik reported, Bumar is to supply 1,000 tank engines and also help upgrade the same number of T-72 tanks which are currently used by the Indian army.
Bumar may also work with India on the production of tank engines, the newspaper said.

Von: www.defensenews.com, 25.02.2008

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