Burial of Qana Victims Israel Massacres 33 Villagers

Hezbollah militants have wreaked havoc on Israeli forces with antitank missiles and land mines.


Israel intensified its attacks on Lebanon and carried out another massacre following the attack on the Lebanese village of Qana.
This time Israeli airplanes struck a farm near the village of Qaa, close to the Syrian border, killing 33 people.
In the attack on the southernmost village of Aita al-Shaab, over 56 people were buried under the wreckage of buildings.
Israel targeted a house in Taibeh village, killing seven and wounding 10.
Police officials reported that Hezbollah militias launched three rockets into the Israeli coastal city of Hadera, 75 kilometers south of the Lebanese border, the deepest rocket attack into Israel so far. Most of the farm workers who were killed in Qaa were Syrian Kurds loading fruit onto a truck.
Nine Lebanese civilians were killed in separate attacks on Friday. Hezbollah guerillas killed five Israeli soldiers in ground battles.

Israel bombed Beirut's southern suburbs, a Hezbollah hub, for two days, and intensified its air attacks on northern Lebanon.
Israeli warplanes also struck four main bridges on the Beirut-Damascus highway.

The air strikes halted transportation between Beirut and Damascus, killing five and wounding 15 others.
Israel struck a power plant on the Litani River in southern Bekaa Valley, cutting electricity to the region.
Christian Neighborhoods also Targeted

The Israeli army launched air and sea attacks on the Uzai district of Beirut, which had been spared from Israeli attacks until now.

Attacks on the mainly Christian areas of Beirut, where Hezbollah has little support, dazed the Christian population.
Israel razed four buildings housing Shiite aid organizations in southern Beirut, killing three.
Israeli troops pushed toward the Litani River, 40 km from the Israeli border, but encountered stiff resistance from Hezbollah guerillas.
Hezbollah militants have wreaked havoc on Israeli forces with antitank missiles and land mines.
They also struck an Israeli tank near the village of Marqaba, killing five Israeli soldiers.
Hezbollah claimed to have destroyed seven Israeli tanks and an armed personnel carrier in al-Shaab and Taibeh.
Israeli airplanes reportedly struck 150 targets along the border, killing over 10 Hezbollah members.
In the 25-day old Israeli offensive, 900 Lebanese people have been killed, 300 of them children.

Israel's death toll has climbed to 46.

Von: 07.08.2006, www.zaman.com

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