Burundi group threatens legal action against Swiss NGO over donor funds

The president of the Independent Centre of Research and Initiative for Dialogue (CIRID), Mr Deo Hakizimana, said today in Bujumbura that he will take legal action against the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD) for not respecting its contractual engagements with his organization.


Mr Hakizimana, addressing the press, said that since May
2005, CIRID and FSD have been collaborating in an inquiry project to
evaluate the real extent of un-exploded landmines still in Burundi using
funds provided by the UN Security Council under the General Community
Survey - GCS - project via the UNOPS.

The UN had set aside 56,840 US dollars for the first six months
disbursed through the FSD but the latter had refused to make available
this money to CIRID, he said. [Passage omitted]

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Von: 8 September 2005 (BBC)

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