By 2010 Russian Air Force Will Start Receiving PBK-500U Cluster Bombs (Russia)

State research and production enterprise Basalt arranged a show of its products in Krasnoarmeisk in the Moscow Region. The prototype of gliding cluster bomb PBK-500U is demonstrated among other models of ammunition.


According to Basalt, the beginning of flight tests of the new bombs is planned for August and the bomb will be adopted by the Russian Air Force in 2010.

PBK-500U weighs 500 kilograms, is fitted out with self-homing lethal elements and is far more efficient than ordinary air bombs.

The bombs may be fitted out with fragmentation - high-explosive, concrete-piercing, incendiary and antitank lethal elements.

PBK-500U is equipped with an inertial homing system and satellite navigation module and can be used by frontline aviation efficiently staying off the object air defense envelope.

The maximum distance of bomb dropping is 50 kilometers from a target. The maximum circular error does not exceed 10 meters. The bomb can be dropped from altitudes from 100 to 10,000 meters.

Von: 04.08.2008,

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