Caches Seized in North Central Iraq (Iraq)

TIKRIT, Iraq - Iraqi security forces and Task Force Band of Brothers Soldiers seized three caches in separate locations throughout north central Iraq April 26.


Iraqi Soldiers from the 1st Brigade, 5th Iraqi Army Division, teamed up with local police and an Iraqi explosive
ordnance disposal team to seize a cache in eastern Diyala province. The cache consisted of 32 tank rounds and eight anti-tank mines. The 1st BDE assumed full control of the eastern portion of the province April 24 and is continuing to demonstrate its capabilities.

A tip from a local resident led Soldiers from the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, to another cache in Ad Dujayl. The unit seized 28 rockets, 39 tank rounds, 125 rounds of 20 mm ammunition and four artillery shells. All of the munitions were transported to a nearby military base for disposal.
Soldiers from the 3rd HBCT also discovered a large cache in eastern Diyala province that contained 46 large artillery shells, 14 recoilless rifle rounds, six mortars and eight anti-personnel mines.
Every cache discovered removes weapons from the hands of terrorists who have shown little discrimination in their attacks against civilians and security forces.

Tip lines have been set up in local and provincial Joint Coordination Centers throughout northern Iraq to enable citizens to inform authorities when they spot weapons caches or see other terrorist activity. Tips have led to dozens of terrorists detained, weapons caches seized and plots disrupted.

Von: 28.4.2006

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