Chechen accused of blasts detained in southern Russia (RUSSIA)

Officials of the law enforcement agencies of Kabarda-Balkaria and Chechnya have detained a 23-year old resident of Groznyy in Nalchik. He has been blowing up vehicles carrying servicemen in Chechnya.


The militant was detained in a flat on Chernyshevskogo street, a source in the law enforcement agencies of Kabarda-Balkaria told Interfax news agency on Thursday. Up to 10 incidents involving explosions are contained in the documents of the investigation, he added.

In particular, the detained man is accused of planting a land mine to blow up a UAZ vehicle near Novye Atagi village in August 2003 which resulted in the deaths of three officials of the federal services. He is suspected of blowing up a Ural vehicle, as a result of which one person was wounded.

It has been established that the detained man was operating as part of a gang of a certain commander with the Storm call sign.

An investigation to establish the involvement of the detained man in other crimes committed on Chechen territory is underway.

Von: 22 September 2005, BBC

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