China donates 100,000 USD for clearing land mines on Peru-Ecuador border (Peru/ Ecuador/ China)

China donated 100,000 U.S. dollars for Peru to clear anti-personnel land mines in the border zone between Peru and Ecuador, the Peruvian Foreign Ministry said Friday.


The donation came as a support for the joint plan in the Mountain Range of El Condor, in the Peruvian department of Amazonas, the ministry said.

China made the donation during a ceremony at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry in Lima, where Peruvian Vice Foreign Minister Gonzalo Gutierrez met with Chinese Ambassador to Lima Gao Zhengyue.

According to the ministry, the donation also contributes to promoting the bilateral trust-building measures between Peru and Ecuador, which are hailed by the international community.

The aid will help Peru fulfill its commitment to the Convention on the Prohibition of Anti Personnel Mines and the Ottawa Convention signed between Peru and Ecuador in 1998, the ministry said.

Von: 26.07.2008,

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