China's Endeavors for Arms Control (CHINA)

China supports the important role played by the UN and other multilateral institutions in addressing missile and related issues. China advocates the establishment of a fair and non-discriminatory multilateral mechanism universally accepted by the international community in the field of missile non-proliferation.


The UN Group of Govern-mental Experts on Missiles is the first specialized mechanism for ad-dressing missile issues within the framework of the UN. China has participated in its work constructively.

China shares the non-proliferation objective of the Hague Code of Conduct Against Ballistic Missile Proliferation (HCOC) and took an active part in the discussions on the draft of the HCOC. Although China has not joined the HCOC, it has kept in touch with all parties including the subscribing states to the HCOC, making joint efforts to prevent the proliferation of ballistic missiles.

Conventional Weapons

China earnestly fulfills its obligation under the CCW and has been dedicated to enhancing its effectiveness and universality. China has always been deeply concerned about civilian casualties caused by inappropriate use of landmines, in particular anti-personnel landmines (APL). China supports appropriate and reasonable restrictions on the use of landmines, so as to prevent their indiscriminate use against civilians.

Since its accession to the Amended Protocol on Landmines, China has strictly implemented the provisions of the Protocol. Public aware-ness and education campaigns concerning the implementation of the Protocol have been launched. A series of new military standards as required by the Protocol have been adopted. A comprehensive survey of old or obsolete landmines has been conducted, and a phased program of modification or destruction of such landmines is implemented. To date, hundreds of thousands of old or obsolete landmines have been destroyed. China has observed in good faith its commitment declared in 1996 to a moratorium on export of APL that do not meet the requirements of the Protocol. In the 1990s, China conducted two large-scale demining operations in the border areas, thus basically eliminating landmine problems within its borders.

Von: 1 September 2005, XINHUA

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